Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone Is Now Available In McDonald’s Singapore For S$2.20


  • McDonald’s is offering Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone.
  • Get it for S$2.20 at all Dessert Kiosks.

Without a doubt, McDonald’s Singapore is always full of surprises. Just last week, it had announced the return of the all-time favourite McGriddles, and Chocolate Pie. To celebrate the return of McGriddles, McDonald’s will be offering the breakfast burger for only S$3 on 20th February 2020 via McDonald’s app. Well, it doesn’t end just here for February!

Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone For S$2.20

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore (Website)

Here’s another good reason to celebrate McDonald’s this month. All-time favourite soft-serve, purple sweet potato is finally back on the menu. Trust us, the purple soft-serve is going to be a hit on Instagram. Be excited as this dessert is available in a waffle cone instead of the usual McDonald’s cone. Unlike the usual McDonald’s cone, this cone packs a crunch!

Expect an aromatic taste of purple sweet potato from the lilac soft-serve. Nicely priced at S$2.20 per cone, Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone is available at all Dessert Kiosks across Singapore. Apart from this soft-serve, Deal of the Year is another good reason to visit McDonald’s. From 20th February onwards until 18th March 2020, check out McDonald’s app for one-for-one deals, and other discounts.

You can check out the full list here. 

Now Available At McDonald’s Singapore

Photo: @chloekurnia (Instagram)

It is time to head down to McDonald’s Singapore to try out Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone. It is the perfect treat to combat the heat. If you are not up for something cold, you can always opt for the limited-edition Chocolate Pie. Made with a chocolate crust, and oozing with sweet and warm chocolate, it is hard to pass! What will you be having at McDonald’s? Let us know in the comments.

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