Popular Candy Hi-Chew Bids Farewell To Their Green Apple Flavour After 40 Years

For most of us, we would have probably eaten Hi-Chew before growing up.  These sweet chewy delights come in an array of flavours, but if you’re a fan of the green apple flavour, unfortunately, we have some sad news for you. The Japanese manufacturer behind the candy has announced that it will be retiring its green apple flavour, which was first introduced in 1982.


Farewell To Hi-Chew Green Apple

Photo: Giant Singapore (Website)

In actual fact, the Japanese confectioner Morinaga will simply be ceasing production of its 12-piece Green Apple packs by end of August. They will however still be available in assorted flavour packs. Looks like there is still some good news!

This announcement was shared in a series of videos on Morinaga’s YouTube channel, showing the Green Apple Hi-Chew pack bidding farewell to consumers and to another Strawberry pack.

Fret not as Hi-Chew still has other popular flavours like their Grape, Watermelon, and Cola for you to enjoy!

Cover Photo: Hi-Chew (Facebook), LAGUNA Mary by Myra’s (Website)

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