Limited Edition Pocky Watermelon With Cooling Effect Spotted At FairPrice

Only $1.80 Each!

For those who love snacking, what are your go-tos? Chips, or perhaps biscuits? For those who love biscuits, the brand Pocky is definitely no stranger to you. If you enjoy eating Pocky biscuits, we have good news for you! FairPrice is now selling limited edition Pocky Watermelon Flavour Sticks at $1.80 each! Inspired by the Japanese tradition of eating watermelons in the summer, this new flavour is a summer release and has a unique cooling effect!


Pocky Watermelon Flavour Now Available At FairPrice

Photo:@sisterungry (Instagram)
Image:@sisterungry (Instagram)



The ever-popular Pocky biscuits are made by Japanese snack maker, Glico. With Singapore pretty much being summer all year long, these are a perfect snack to beat the heat. The biscuit stick looks just like the strawberry flavoured ones with a pink coating. According to reviews, the cooling effect is pretty strong and lasting.


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Other Unique Flavours Released

Choco Mint Pocky

Photo:@nataue3 (Instagram)

Kaya Toast Pocky

Image:EatGuide เพื่อนซี้เวลาหิว (Facebook)

Kopi O Pocky

Photo: EatGuide เพื่อนซี้เวลาหิว (Facebook)

Besides the Watermelon Flavour, there have been other unique flavours that were released. The Choco Mint Pocky that was previously sold only in Japan was made available on Shopee. For the Kaya Toast and Kopi O flavours, they were a collaboration between Pocky and local breakfast chain, Ya Kun. These two flavours first made their debut at the STREAT Festival in 2019.

Head Down To FairPrice Now!

If you’re trying to beat the heat and want something to munch on, why not get one that does both! The Pocky Watermelon Flavour Snack is certain to satisfy your munchies while cooling you down at the same time! Hurry down to your nearest FairPrice now!


Cover Photo: @jajananbaru_ (Instagram), @sisterungry (Instagram)

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