Pobo Gelato Launches Chicken Floss Gelato This July 2019

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

All Singaporeans are familiar with pork floss and chicken floss right? The fluffy, thinly-shredded dried meat is a long-time favourite on top of bread (see: Breadtalk’s Pork Floss Bun). It also goes well with rice, congee and the like. However, chicken floss and ice cream certainly sounds like an odd combination – but Pobo Gelato is diving in head-first and showing Singapore that chicken floss and gelato are a match made in heaven!

Pobo Gelato Chicken Floss Gelato

Chicken Floss Gelato Is Now A Thing

Tucked away within the walls of West Coast Community Centre lies this locally-owned Gelato cafe. They offer a variety of gelato flavours, as well as freshly-baked waffles. This July, Pobo Gelato is bringing a local flair to traditional Italian ice cream with their Chicken Floss Gelato.

Pobo Gelato Chicken Floss Gelato
Photo: @pobosg (Instagram)

Actual pieces of chicken floss are mixed into a rich vanilla gelato base in the right proportions, giving rise to a perfectly salty and sweet treat. Plus, it’s a real throw back to your childhood days eating pork floss buns!

Pobo Gelato Chicken Floss Gelato
Photo: @juliexyg (Instagram)

Their Gelato is made in-house every day with fresh ingredients to ensure high-quality gelato. It is then hand-scooped using a spatula and packed onto the cone, like a real Italian ice cream man.

A single scoop of this Chicken Floss Gelato goes for $4 – which is pretty reasonable if you ask us! You can also get their gelato for about $12.50 for a double scoop on a thick, freshly-baked waffle.

Photo: @pobosg (Instagram)

Also check out their two other new flavours, Ruby Chocolate (pink chocolate with berry notes) and Gianduja (dark chocolate and hazelnut).

Photo: @pobosg (Instagram)

Pobo Gelato Launches Chicken Floss Gelato This July 2019

While we see how Chicken Floss Gelato may seem off-putting to some, don’t judge it before you try it! The taste might just surprise you! You can also take a bite of it to get transported back to your childhood days. Who knows, it may just become your favourite chicken floss snack yet! What are your thoughts on Chicken Floss Gelato and are you daring enough to try it out?

Pobo Gelato
Location: 2 Clementi West Street 2, #01-02A, Singapore 129605
Hours: Mon, Wed – Sun (12pm – 10pm), Tues (6pm – 10pm)

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