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NEW: Playmade’s Watermelon Milk Tea and Pearls Are Back For A Limited Time

Is it just us, or has the weather been ridiculously hot lately? Seriously, we’ve been fanning ourselves with pieces of scrap paper and fighting the urge to turn on the air-conditioning. So we were so glad when we learned that Playmade’s refreshing, cooling watermelon drinks and pearls are back – even if it’s for a limited time only!

Photo: Playmade by 丸作 (Facebook)

Cool Watermelon Goodness

Playmade’s watermelon drinks – Watermelon Milk Tea with Watermelon Pearls and Watermelon Tea Blend – are back for another hot summer season! These drinks made their debut last August and were so popular that Playmade’s decided to bring them back again. Cold and refreshing, they’re the perfect thing to take the edge off the heat, and delicious to sip in your stuffy home office while you’re dealing with tedious admin work. Alternatively, if you’re craving your usual Earl Grey milk tea and want something to spice it up (or cool you down!), you always have the option of just adding the watermelon pearls to your drink of choice. Sweet and chewy, they’re the best topping you can add to your Playmade cup this summer!

Photo: serene goh (
Photo: @lyzzzy (Instagram)

Unfortunately, though, their Watermelon Latte has not made an appearance this time. We’ll miss it!

How to Get Your Cup of Playmade

So where do you get your Playmade? Well, if you live in Tampines, you’re in luck – Playmade makes deliveries in your area for just $4! That’s a steal compared to the $6-$12 they charge for deliveries from their Clementi branch. Or, if you’re craving Taiwanese food or sweet treats with your drink that can’t be found at Playmade, order from Jiak or FroRoll. This option comes with islandwide delivery, which is always a plus!

Alternatively – for the cheaper option of self-pickup – you can make your way to Tampines or Clementi yourself and spare your wallet any more pain.

Doesn’t a cup of watermelon goodness from Playmade sound like a good idea now? We certainly think it is. So – which drink will you be trying first?

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