This Spot At Aljunied Serves Incredible Handmade Mee Hoon Kueh With Spicy Chilli And Is One Of The Best In S’pore!

When it comes to food in Singapore, hidden gems are discovered every day and this time, it has led us to Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles at Aljunied. Being one of the best-kept secrets in Singapore, this spot serves up delectable handmade Mee Hoon Kueh with their spicy chilli that’s guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles At Aljunied

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Run by Mr Heng, Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles has been around for two years and is one of the must-try hidden gems in the East. Popular for their Mee Hoon Kueh and Ban Mian ($5), Heng Heng also offers You Mian ($5), giving three options of noodles for customers to choose from.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

On top of that, they also serve up an array of other dishes like Shrimp Fried Rice ($5), Sin Chew Bee Hoon ($6), and sides like Prawn Paste Chicken to pair with your tasty noodles. All the noodles are made to order which does cause a bit of waiting time but trust us, it is well worth the wait!

Incredible Handmade Mee Hoon Kueh

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

The Mee Hoon Kueh ($5) is served with a generous portion of handmade noodles, minced pork, ikan billis, fried shallots, pork lard, and a soft-boiled egg. Do note the noodles are served without chilli, allowing you to adjust the level of spice to your liking. Of course, the star of the dish is the mee hoon kueh and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. They are absolutely sublime, having the perfect thickness, with an incredibly chewy and QQ texture that makes each bite seriously addictive!

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Mixed with a light sauce, the flavours are well-balanced and it allows the flavour of the ingredients to shine and carry the dish. Adding different layers of savouriness and textures are the various ingredients, with the egg giving a touch of creaminess to the mee hoon kueh.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Not forgetting their signature chilli, it seriously packs a punch, with a pleasant layer of umami that elevates the dish to another level. Additionally, the spice lingers, making you want more with each bite. For those who can’t really handle their spice, you might want to be careful with the amount of chilli you’re adding to your noodles.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Served alongside the noodles is a comforting and tasty bowl of soup with some vegetables and tau kee that helps to alleviate the spice as well. Overall, Heng Heng has certainly mastered their craft and is definitely one of the best spots In Singapore for amazing Mee Hoon Kueh and Ban Mian. Hurry down for a taste today!

Address: 205 Sims Ave, Singapore 387506

Opening Hours:

Mon to Tues & Fri to Sun, 10am – 10pm

Wed, 10am – 8.30pm

Thurs, 10am – 9pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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