Penang Culture Opens New Outlet At Compass One And Releases Exclusive Collaboration With Ghee Hiang

Penang Culture, the original premier halal-certified restaurant dedicated to Penang cuisine in Singapore, is proud to unveil a brand-new look and feel at their new outlet at Compass One.


Penang Culture Opens New Outlet At Compass One

The new outlet at Compass One features a new logo, colourways, and exclusive food selections. Inspired by the communal spirit of zi char dining, popular in the state, where friends and family come together to enjoy a variety of individual dishes, the new concept aims to provide a platform for gathering and relishing quality time over delicious meals.

Committed to upholding Penang’s cultural legacy through its cuisine, Penang Culture’s offerings represent an authentic taste of the region. Each dish is meticulously prepared using ingredients sourced directly from the city itself and trusted suppliers, guaranteeing that every bite captures the genuine flavours of Penang.

This new chapter in Penang Culture also marks a special collaboration with one of Malaysia’s esteemed heritage brands, Ghee Hiang. Established in 1856 and boasting over 160 years of rich heritage, Ghee Hiang is renowned for its traditional pastries and biscuits originating from Georgetown, Penang. Adding to the Penang essence, Heng Lee Sauce, a prominent Malaysian producer of traditional sauces since its establishment in 1971, contributes sauces crafted through traditional natural fermentation methods, using meticulously selected produce of the utmost quality.

Penang Culture x Ghee Hiang: Preserving Penang’s Culture

Driven by their shared passion for Penang, Penang Culture and Ghee Hiang have united to spread this invaluable culinary heritage worldwide. Their goal is to create a lasting fusion that harmonizes both sweet and savoury flavours, drawing from Penang’s vibrant street food culture and Ghee Hiang’s nostalgic pastries.

Top left: Tau Sar Pneah, Top right: Beh Teh Saw, Bottom left: Hneoh Pneah, Bottom right: Phong Pneah

Together, they offer diners everywhere a taste of Penang’s fiery and flavourful street food alongside Ghee Hiang’s sweet and evocative heritage pastries. Four of their best-selling products – Tau Sar Pneah ($13/16pcs), Beh Teh Saw ($12/5pcs), Hneoh Pneah ($13/16pcs), and Phong Pneah ($11.50/5pcs), along with their popular packs of Coffee ($13/pack of 8 packets or $10.80/pack of 8 packets with less sugar) will be available at all Penang Culture outlets in Singapore.


In addition to the ready-to-eat biscuits, there will be an exclusive dish created by the two ambassadors of Penang’s identity: the White Kopi Chicken ($12.90), featuring Ghee Hiang’s irresistible white kopi, another iconic Penang beverage. Tender chicken morsels are deep-fried and then wok-fried over high heat in a specially crafted white coffee-infused sauce, offering a savoury delight of white coffee flavours like you’ve never tasted before.

The chicken pairs wonderfully with other exclusive dishes such as the Mentaiko Ngoh Hiong ($8.90) and the Salted Egg Squid Fritter You Tiao ($9.90) which combines the richness of creamy salted egg squid with the familiar breakfast staple, you tiao.


The new additions to the menu at Penang Culture are set to delight diners and will be available at all outlets islandwide. Among the highlighted dishes is the Stir Fry Royale Chives with Fried Hae Bi ($11.90), a delightful combination of fragrant Stir Fry Royale chives infused with the crispy texture and umami richness of fried hae bi.

For those craving a spicy kick, the Sambal Prawn with Petai ($15.90) offers succulent prawns cooked in a fiery sambal sauce, complemented by the unique addition of petai beans, known for their distinctive flavour and aroma.


To end the meal on a sweet note, indulge in the Mango Pomelo ($5.90), a refreshing dessert that delights with its blend of juicy mangoes and tangy pomelo, bursting with tropical sweetness and citrusy zest.

The new Compass One outlet will continue serving up the finest Penang street food, including the iconic Penang Assam Laksa ($10.90). Each bowl is crafted from a cherished family recipe, featuring imported Penang rice noodles and the savoury richness of fermented shrimp paste.

For a neighbouring flavour experience, indulge in the Malacca Golden Seafood Cheese Bee Hoon ($22.90). This dish combines the sweetness of seafood with a flavourful beehoon broth, elevated to extra indulgence with the addition of cheese.

Hurry down to Compass One and check out their newest outlet today! 

Address: 1 Sengkang Square, #03-13, Singapore 545078

Operating Hours: Daily, 10.30am to 10pm

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