This Hidden Gem At Geylang Serai Serves Mouth-Watering Nasi Ayam Bakar!

Geylang Serai is filled to the brim with amazing food and delicious treats. However, Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar is underrated. Their food is both traditional as well as trendy. Pak Din’s sambal is extremely spicy, which is quite popular these days. Their store is tucked away and unassuming, but their flavours are anything but! Hurry down today and have a taste!

Hidden Gem At Geylang Serai

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar is named after the owner’s late father. They have been serving Nasi Ayam Bakar for the last 5 years and by the looks of it, have no intention to stop anytime soon. They have been serving deliciously charred Nasi Ayam Bakar ever since! Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar is also known for its extremely spicy Sambal, as well as Sweet Kicap with crunchy fried shallots. With only one dish, they provide a myriad of flavours!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Sweet And Savoury Nasi Ayam Bakar

Photo: Singapore Foodie

They start their day early at 6am to prep for the rest of the day. First, they poach their chicken thighs in a broth for an hour- similar to the broth used in Mee Soto. Afterwards, they grill the chicken till it chars nicely- giving it a smoky and crispy exterior. While the chicken poaches, they cook their rice in ginger, chicken stock and Kunyit, which is turmeric- giving the rice its bright yellow colour!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Nasi Ayam Bakar ($7.00) is their main dish and has been for the past 5 years. The chicken is the star of the show, the sauces are definitely the supporting roles. The Kicap Manis is sickly sweet and viscous, coating the chicken. The fried shallots help add to the texture, giving it a pleasant crunch on each bite! The Sambal as mentioned is very spicy. It is also tangy, cutting through the richness of their main bite. Should that not be enough, they also provide Calamansi for you to squeeze onto the Chicken as well as the veggies adding a bit of freshness! Combine it all together and you have yourself the perfect bite!

Image: Singapore Foodie


Hurry Down And Try Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar Today!

Despite being underrated, we expect them to be fully packed by 11am. We suggest coming around 2pm to avoid large crowds and of course, bring your friends and family to enjoy their signature dish! Come on down today!

Address: 1 Geylang Serai, #02-151, Singapore 402001

Operating Hours: Daily except for Mon, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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