Old Chang Kee Releases NEW Chilli Crab Sauce With Fried Mantau For National Day Available From July 15 Until Aug 31!

With National Day soon approaching, you need some local-inspired snacks to enjoy while celebrating! Old Chang Kee is well aware of this and has plans to release all-new Chilli Crab Sauce with Fried Mantau. This traditional dish has been converted to a snack that you can carry around and eat on the go. Head down to any Old Chang Kee tomorrow onwards to have a taste!


Chilli Crab Sauce With Fried Mantau For National Day

Photo: Old Chang Kee (Facebook)

If you’re a local, you can tell that this item is inspired by a local dish. Also, the Chilli Crab is what we could consider as our national dish! With National Day approaching, they created this snack to fill our bellies while also showing some national pride.

Image: Old Chang Kee Singapore (Website)

This item will be available at all outlets. Here are some other details:

    • S$4 per cup (four pieces of fried mantou dripped with chilli crab Sauce)
    • +S$1 for extra sauce
    • +S$0.50 to put sauce in a separate container

You can find an outlet nearest to you here.

Head Down To Your Nearest Old Chang Kee Outlet Tomorrow Onwards!

Do note that this item is while stocks last and it may run out fast. Also, this snack is best enjoyed while hot. We recommend eating it right away once you but it! For more updates, check out their Facebook and Instagram!

Cover Photo: Old Chang Kee Singapore (Website)

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