Nirvana Dessert Cafe In S’pore Has Fluffy Souffle Pancakes With Different Sauces For $9

In recent years, pancakes have been gaining a lot of traction in Singapore. There were openings from famous Japanese chains such as Gram Cafe and Flipper’s Cafe. Of course, you will find some pancakes as brunch options in local cafes, too. Looking for something extra fluffy? It’s time to try this.

Nirvana Dessert Cafe Has Fluffy Souffle Pancakes

Photo: @nirvanadessertcafe (Instagram)
Photo: @bakesoverme (Instagram)

There’s just something about souffle pancakes. It’s fun to watch the making of these fluffy pancakes, and eating them is another good story to tell. If you’re a big fan, it is time to add another spot to your bucket list. Check out Nirvana Dessert Cafe, located four minutes away from Masjid Sultan.

Photo: @nirvanadessertcafe (Instagram)
Photo: @bakesoverme (Instagram)

At Nirvana Dessert Cafe, it serves three fluffy souffle pancakes for only $9. Those who had tried it mentioned that these pancakes are airy – just like how it should be. For this sweet dish, there are three options of sauces for you to choose from. Pick from Salted Caramel, Maple, and Chocolate.

Photo: @nirvanadessertcafe (Instagram)

Apart from souffle pancakes, there are other sweet desserts to try out. Looking for some pancakes with ‘muscles’? Nirvana Dessert Cafe has waffles with a similar price range as souffle pancakes. Other interesting choices include Molten Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and even Creme Brulee.

Into Your Souffle Pancake Bucket List

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Address: 25A Arab St, Singapore 199724

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday, 12:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

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