MUST-TRY: New York Style Bagel Sandwich Joint In S’pore, Two Men Bagel House!

Two Men Bagel House, Serving New York Style Bagels In Singapore!

Serving you hand-rolled specialty bagels, Two Men Bagel House located at Tanjong Pagar is one of the must-visit joints in Singapore. Two years after launching their first successful outlet, they have opened yet another outlet at Royal Square in Novena called the Two Men Bagel House 2.0, with another outlet landing at Holland Village soon!

Specialty Bagel Joint Serving New York Style Hand-Rolled Bagel!

Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)

If you love bagels, Two Men Bagel House is the perfect place for you! Here, bagels and coffee is the classic combination. Serving you almost and kind of bagel imaginable, they have both elaborated breakfast renditions as well as vegetarian-friendly options!

Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)
Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)

With prices starting from $2.60 onwards, you can expect generously portioned bagels made from scratch that is prepared with only the finest overseas-sourced ingredients.

They serve both sweet and savory bagels that are absolutely to die for. Here are some of the must-tries!

Relive Your Childhood With Some PBJ!

Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)
Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)

You can never go wrong with a good old classic PBJ. With the right amount of peanut butter and jelly between the well-toasted bagel, Two Men Bagel House‘s PBJ ($5) is the perfect bagel to bring back those wonderful childhood memories. Not too sweet, but sweet enough to bring you back to your childhood!

The Perfect Breakfast Bagel, Pearl Harbour!

Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)
Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)

Presenting to you, Pearl Harbour ($12)! It is probably one of the most hearty bagels served at Two Men Bagel House. With cured spam, cheesy eggs, hippie greens, and hot sauce, you can just imagine biting down into this wonderful creation and forgetting everything bad in this world. Definitely try it out for yourself, as I am not exaggerating!

Extremely Wide Selection On Their Menu, With Add-Ons Available!

Photo: Two Men Bagel House (Website)

Besides their pre-curated bagel sandwiches, you can also add a little of your own touch by including add-ons to make your bagel bigger and better! Also, don’t forget to try out their wide selection of beverages as well. We recommend their Cold Brew ($6/7) because you just can’t go wrong with a cold one!

New Outlet Coming Soon @ Holland Village!

Photo: @twomenbagelhouse (Instagram)

Having been the pioneering bagel house in Singapore for many years, Two Men Bagel House will be opening a third outlet located at Holland Village soon! Although the exact date has not yet been announced, you can expect it to be as good as the 2 existing outlets. Make sure to visit them soon, and satisfy that tummy of yours!

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