NEW Taiwanese Charcoal-Grilled Toast & Milk Tea Cafe Fong Sheng Hao’s First Singapore Store Opening Soon

"A Beautiful Day Begins With Fong Sheng Hao"

Yes, I know. Yet another Taiwan eatery is opening in Singapore. However, this new cafe, Fong Sheng Hao, is a breath of fresh air from the slew of bubble tea joints that have been setting up store in Singapore. Fong Sheng Hao’s first Singapore store will be opening at Paya Lebar Quarter, even though they have not yet announced the exact date that they will be opening. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)

Interested customers will be glad to know that Fong Sheng Hao is not holding back – their whole menu will be available in Singapore when they open. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Taiwan to try out their food and drinks!

Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)

Some highlights on their menu include their best-selling Pork & Egg Cheese Sandwich, which they claim to sell at a rate of 1 sandwich every 36 seconds! It consists of premium pork tenderloin, a thick, fluffy omelette and oozing melted cheese. Sounds like the perfect sandwich to us!

Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)

They also have a Fong Sheng Signature Sandwich which will be a bit more filling than their regular sandwiches due to the extra layer of bread and ingredients. This three-tiered sandwich is also packed full of ingredients like peanut butter, ham, egg and mashed potato. We’ve never seen a sandwich like that before, so it’s definitely one worth trying out!

Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)

Of course, when it comes to Taiwan food, you can never miss out milk tea! Their Feng Sheng Signature Milk Tea is made using high-quality fresh milk instead of milk powder. This supposedly gives their milk tea a smoother and more natural taste, on top of the increased health benefits.

Other items on the menu that you should be excited about are also the Floss & Egg Sandwich and the Peanut Butter Special!

Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: Fong Sheng Hao Singapore (Facebook)

With so many Taiwanese eateries and bubble tea joints opening in Singapore, it seems like those planning to go on Taiwan foodie trips can put their plans on hold for now. What do you think about the recent Taiwanese joints that have opened in Singapore? There could very well be more that will land on our sunny shores in the near future! Also, be sure to stay tuned to find out when Fong Sheng Hao’s first Singapore store is opening!

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