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NEW: S’pore’s CubeMelt Cartoon-Turned-Reality Gelato Shop Opening on 3 August 2019

Gelato Waffle On-The-Go!

This cartoon-turned-reality Gelato shop seems like the next big thing to try in Singapore. We don’t often relate cartoons to edible food, or ice cream for that matter. However, this brand-new Gelato shop is literally a cartoon-turned-reality! CubeMelt Gelato is opening their doors on Saturday, 3 August 2019, from 2-4pm at SingPost Centre #B1-165.

You may be familiar with the popular cartoon on Instagram by the same name, CubeMelt. The owners of CubeMelt Gelato has teamed up with the artist behind CubeMelt to make this shop come to life! Featuring the first Gelato Waffle On-The-Go by CubeMelt Gelato!

From Cartoon To Gelato Shop

CubeMelt is an adorable cartoon ice cube who is the star of its own web comics, often revolving around the life of an ice cube – a really cute one.

Photo: @cubemeltgelato (Instagram)

CubeMelt Gelato hence came to life by imagining CubeMelt as ice cream in a warm waffle blanket. And Gelato Waffle On-The-Go was born! Sitting down to eat waffles and ice cream is great, but gelato waffle on-the-go lets you experience adventures, just like CubeMelt!

First Gelato Waffle On-The-Go By CubeMelt
Photo: @cubemeltgelato (Instagram)

On 3 August 2019, CubeMelt Gelato will open it’s first-ever shop at the basement of SingPost Centre, launching a menu of drinks and gelato. There will also be four signature flavours of this unique gelato waffle that will be available: Cookie Greed, Dark Mayhem, Berry Brightness and Posh Teatime!

First Gelato Waffle On-The-Go By CubeMelt
Photo: @cubemeltgelato (Instagram)

Each customer will also be given an ice cube each that can be exchanged for a free baby scoop of gelato at the outlet this Saturday! You can also get 1-for-1 on Happy Scoop with original flavours only, valid till 15 August 2019.

S’pore’s First Gelato Waffle On-The-Go By CubeMelt Opening 3 August 2019

This concept gelato store is so adorable! You can take pictures of the walls decorated with CubeMelt, along with your gelato waffle! How cute! We can’t wait to try out what flavours they have. Will you be attending the launch? Go down to meet CubeMelt and his gelato friends this Saturday!

CubeMelt Gelato
Location: 10 Eunos Rd 8, #B1-165 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600

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