NEW: Run Run Sushi Releases Unique Salmon Sashimi Noodles In Singapore

Noodles made from sashimi!


  • Run Run Sushi has come up with a new menu offering: salmon sashimi noodles! These aren’t noodles in the traditional sense – it’s salmon sashimi cut in the shape of noodles.
  • The noodles come in the Beginner Set (2 pax), the Intermediate set (3 – 4 pax), and the Expert set (5 – 6pax).
  • Prices start at $34.50!

Sashimi lovers, this one’s for you. Japanese eatery Run Run Sushi has come up with a new menu item that’s sure to dazzle you – salmon sashimi noodles!

Noodles Made from Salmon Sashimi

Photo: Run Run Sushi (Instagram)

What was your first thought when you saw the words “salmon sashimi noodles” – ramen or soba with a side of salmon sashimi? Well, these salmon sashimi noodles aren’t anything as ordinary as normal flour noodles with salmon – the noodles are the salmon.

Photo: Run Run Sushi (Instagram)


The salmon sashimi in this dish is sliced into satisfyingly thick ribbons that resemble noodles. It’s an innovative, fresh new way to enjoy your sashimi – simply dip them in the special sauce that comes with each serving, maybe add a bit of wasabi, and slurp them right up.

Chilled, fresh, and bursting with flavour. Mmm.

Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Photo: Run Run Sushi (Instagram)

Run Run Sushi is serving up these sashimi noodles in three sizes – Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

The Beginner set will set you back $34.50; it’s the recommended serving size for 2 people. If you’re buying for a party of 3 – 4, you may want to opt for the Intermediate set ($52), and if you’re ordering for 6 people – or if you intend to have the noodles yourself as a full meal – you should get the Expert set ($69).

Each set consists of the noodles, wasabi, and Run Run Sishi’s in-house Special Sauce. Dip your noodles in the sauce for a sweet-and-savoury combination that’ll delight your tongue!

Run Run Sushi suggests that you should slurp the entire dish in a single bite, but, y’know, feel free to eat it however you want to.

Only for Online Delivery

These salmon sashimi noodles are only available for online delivery – you can order them here! And there are limited portions daily, so be sure to get one before it’s all sold out for the day.

These sure look delicious – and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

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