NEW: Black Beer Ice Cream With Beer Lava Centre Available in Singapore from 13 July.


  • German Black Beer Ice Cream is coming to Singapore soon!
  • It’s shaped like a beer bottle and has a lava Beer centre.
  • Get it from Sheng Siong from 13 July!
Photo: Happy Ice Pte Ltd (Facebook)

If you’ve been on Foodie Internet in the past few weeks, you’ll have seen posts and images about the Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream going around. But if that’s not quite your cup of tea, fret not – you’ll be able to get this beer-flavoured alternative from Sheng Siong from 13 July!

German Beer Flavoured

Photo: Happy Ice Pte Ltd (Facebook)

Not only is this ice cream German Beer flavoured, it’s also German Beer shaped! The “cap” on the ice cream is covered in a creamy chocolate coating – the perfect complement for the smooth, delectable bitterness of the beer.

Photo: Happy Ice Pte Ltd (Facebook)

But the highlight of this ice cream isn’t the delightful shape of it. It’s the rye centre and the oozy beer lava that spills out of it with every bite.

Just look at that picture. Doesn’t it make your mouth water? We know we want a bite of that.

This beer-y delicious treat contains 1% alcohol, and while that probably won’t be enough to give you a buzz, it definitely adds to the flavour. And we can’t wait to try it!

You Can Get It From 13 July Onwards

Photo: Happy Ice Pte Ltd (Facebook)

The German Black Beer Ice Cream will be in Singapore from 13 July onwards! It’ll be sold exclusively in Sheng Siong, so head on down to your local Sheng Siong supermarket to stock up on these when they finally arrive. Or, if you can’t wait to get your hands on them, you can pre-order them directly from Happy Ice Pte Ltd’s website here!

A pack of 3 will cost you $12.90.


We’re so excited to try these when they land in Singapore! Having said that, if you plan on heading down to Sheng Siong, do remember to mask up and practice social distancing!

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