McDonald’s S’pore Has Bandung Flavoured Soft Serve Available In Dessert Kiosks


  • McDonald’s is bringing back bandung flavour.
  • Available in Dessert Kiosks only.
  • Choose from Bandung McFlurry, Bandung Strawberry Sundae, Bandung Cone, and Bandung Twist Cone.
  • Available for a limited time only.

Hello, friends! It is the beginning of the year, and we are excited about brand new releases! Last week, McDonald’s had surprised us with an all-new release of Mala McShaker Fries, alongside some promotions happening for breakfast. That’s not all the surprises happening in January. It turns out that bandung flavoured soft-serve are available, too!

McDonald’s Has Bandung Flavoured Soft-Serve

Photo: @hays_eatable (Instagram)

You will be excited to know that bandung flavoured desserts are finally back in McDonald’s! In case you are wondering, bandung is a combination of rose cordial syrup, mixed with milk and condensed milk. The nostalgic beverage is served in countries within Southeast Asia, and McDonald’s has turned it into a beautiful pink soft-serve. First launched last year, it is finally making a return.

Photo: @mizreeney (Instagram)

Find different types of choices including Bandung McFlurry, Bandung Strawberry Sundae, Bandung Cone, and Bandung Twist Cone. Do take note that the seasonal flavour is only available in Desserts Kioks. Hence, you won’t find it in all McDonald’s outlets located around Singapore. So, if you are dreaming about the bandung soft-serve to combat the heat, it’s time to head down to your nearest!

Now Available In Dessert Kiosks At Singapore

Photo: @tiramisooo_jiaks (Instagram)

No doubt, this might be the perfect treat to have after indulging in some hot and spicy Mala McShaker Fries! If you are thinking of having some breakfast at McDonald’s, do remember to check out this article. Have you tried out Bandung flavour from McDonald’s before? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. See you in the next post!

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