McDonald’s Introduces Chick ‘N’ Cheese Burger, Ha! Chicken Drumlets, Pizza McShaker Fries & More

It is about time McDonald’s introduces brand new seasonal items. Be prepared to feast on brand new interesting treats! This time around, McDonald’s introduces newly added Chick ‘N’ Cheese Burger, Ha! Chicken Drumlets, Pizza McShaker Fries, and many more!

New Burger, Drumlets, Fries, Happy Sharing Box & More

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

The main highlight of the latest drop is none other than Chick ‘N’ Cheese Burger. The perfect burger for cheese lovers is a combination of two patties, savoury crispy chicken and cheese mozzarella patties. The flavours of these patties are beautifully brought together with chilli jam.

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Apart from Chick ‘N’ Cheese Burger, don’t miss out on sinking your teeth into Ha! Chicken Drumlets. This crunchy fried chicken is smothered in prawn paste coating. It is available via Happy Sharing Box, too. To complete the meal, indulge in the new Pizza McShaker Fries. The new shake is a mixture of oregano, basil, vegetable, and tomato goodness.

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Early birds will be excited to know McDonald’s classic Sausage McMuffin will be joining the Breakfast McSaver Meals. Strategically priced from $4.50, some delectable choices include Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, Chicken McMuffin, and Sausage McMuffin with Egg! It comes with a hash brown and hot McCafe Premium Coffee Roast or tea.

Available In McDonald’s From 29th April 2021 Onwards

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