Duke Bakery Makes Must-Try Chewy Matcha Red Bean Mochi Bun In Singapore

No doubt, there are so many bakeries around Singapore that serves the perfect rendition of matcha buns. Find it at Donq, if you’re looking for a baked treat with oozing center. If you’re looking for something with an extra crunch, you can always find it at Huluruk Myeon House.

What About Matcha Buns With Mochi?

Photo: @breadkuhteh (Instagram)
Photo: @breadkuhteh (Instagram)

Apart from these amazing treats listed above, there’s another contender. Introducing Duke Bakery, this spot makes Matcha Red Bean Mochi. The bun is known for its distinctive matcha taste. The matcha bun itself is notable to be soft.

Photo: @belleappetit (Instagram)
Photo: @belleappetit (Instagram)

Mochi will be the highlight of the bun! If you have yet to try out a bun with mochi filling, it is something worth trying out. The chewiness of the bread and the softness of the mochi pairs really well together. For an additional flavour, the bun is also made with some red bean.

Photo: @belleappetit (Instagram)

Matcha Red Bean Mochi is priced at $4.90.

Find It At Duke Bakery In Singapore

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Duke Bakery is available in multiple locations including Ang Mo Kio, IMM, myVillage, Thomson Plaza, Bedok Mall, Junction Nine, among others.

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