Lay’s Truffle Flavoured Potato Chips Are Now Available In FairPrice Singapore

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Lay’s Truffle Flavoured Potato Chips

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There are a few brands that are no stranger to introducing new flavours every now and then, and Lay’s is definitely one of them. When you are in Thailand, it is always a must to visit their supermarket to find interesting flavours for cheap prices. Well, now you can find Lay’s Truffle Flavoured Potato Chips right here!

Photo: @su_et_su_et (Instagram)

No doubt, we love all things truffle. In fact, you can find truffle-infused food in our restaurants and cafes. If you feel like having some truffle food easily at home, head down to FairPrice to get Lay’s Truffle Flavoured Potato Chips, it is priced at $5.25 per packet of 184.2 grams.

Photo: @lamlamleehk (Instagram)

When you open the packet of potato chips, trust the smell of truffle will linger in the air. The potato chips are described to have a unique rich earthy taste. When you are in FairPrice, find this by spotting for a purple packet of Lay’s!

Now Available In FairPrice Singapore

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