Krispy Kreme And Jamba Releases Limited-Edition Flavours And Fresh Offerings This Lunar New Year!

Indulge in Krispy Kreme and Jamba this Chinese New Year as they release new additions to their menu. For Krispy Kreme enjoy three delectable CNY-exclusive doughnut flavours while Jamba offers you your daily dose of fruits and vegetables with their new all-natural smoothies, rated Nutri-Grade A and B.


Krispy Kreme Releases CNY-Exclusive Flavours

This Lunar New Year, Krispy Kreme captivates doughnut lovers with three CNY-exclusive flavours. The CNY Prosperity Box ($19.80) includes one each of the flavours listed below and three assorted doughnuts of choice priced below S$3.30.

The CNY-exclusive flavours are:

1. Auspicious Orange ($3.90)

Filled with an orange-flavoured filling, the Auspicious Orange Doughnut is generously glazed with a citrusy orange icing that perfectly balances sweetness and zest. Adorned with two green “leaves” and the 吉‘Lucky’ symbol, this fortuitous rendition promises to bring a burst of flavour and a touch of luck to your celebrations.

2. Prosperity Bag ($3.90)

A unique creation shaped like a sac holding its own fortunes, the Prosperity Bag Doughnut is glazed in red velvet and topped with yellow edible chocolate ribbons, symbolizing good luck and wealth. For an extra touch of luck, it is stamped with the 财‘Fortune’ character.

3. Snowy Blossoms ($3.90)

Featuring a luscious strawberry filling, the Snowy Blossoms is topped with a pink glaze and dried strawberries. Reminiscent of blooming peach blossoms, it also embodies the themes of luck, prosperity, and growth, making it a perfect addition to your Lunar New Year celebrations.


These limited-edition doughnuts are now available at all Krispy Kreme outlets till Feb 11. On top of that, Krispy Kreme will be absorbing the Goods and Service Tax (GST) increase, allowing all doughnuts to be priced under $4!

Jamba Releases New All-Natural Juices

Jamba is a globally acclaimed brand that provides natural, healthy, and flavorful beverages. With a commitment to using 100% natural ingredients, they are the perfect choice or those seeking both taste and well-being in their beverage options.


With the recent extension of Nutri-Grade requirements to freshly prepared beverages, Jamba’s latest smoothies have received ratings of Nutri-Grade A and B. Each beverage has low sugar and saturated fat content, catering to the growing demand for healthier food options. Jamba’s new offerings include a diverse selection of its popular smoothies, now enriched with the benefits of oats, contributing to a balanced and wholesome diet.

Here are some of the new flavours:


1. Mango-a-go-go (From $5.90)

With a nutri-grade rating of A, the Mango-a-go-go features premium quality mangoes from Philippines, pineapple juice, nonfat yogurt, bananas, and pineapple overnight oats for a harmonious blend of flavours for only 180 calories.

2. Island Green Passion (From $5.90)

Achieving a nutri-grade A as well, the Island Green Passion is made freshly prepared premium quality Philippines mangoes, kale, pineapple juice, nonfat yogurt, bananas, and pineapple overnight oats. Each sip offers a delightful blend of health and flavor, with only 197 calories.

 3. Strawberries Wild (From $7.90)

Enjoy the creamy notes of Strawberries Wild (Nutri-Grade A), made with real strawberries, apple juice, bananas, nonfat yogurt, and apple overnight oats. This vividly pink drink refreshes with the taste of summertime and contains only 173 calories.

 4. Caribbean Passion (From $5.90)

Made with real mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, pineapple juice, nonfat yogurt, bananas, and pineapple overnight oats, the refreshing Caribbean Passion (Nutri-GradeA) brings a funky-fresh and hearty treat with only174 calories.

5. Chocolate Moo’d (From $5.90)

A Jamba classic, the Chocolate Moo’d (Nutri-Grade B) features frozen yogurt, apple overnight oats, and chocolate sauce.

All Jamba’s smoothies are generously sized, with their 12oz and 16oz offerings providing up to 2.5 servings of fruits and vegetables!

From now till Jan 21, enjoy any two cups of Jamba’s 12oz made-to-order smoothies at $9.90 (U.P.: $11.80) at their Suntec City and Wisma Atria outlets.

Hurry down to your nearest Krispy Kreme and Jamba today!

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