This Popular Stall At Chinatown Is The Perfect Spot To Satisfy Your Bak Kwa Fix This Coming CNY!

With CNY coming up, so means the indulgence of everyone’s favourite, Bak Kwa! If you’re looking for the perfect spot to head to for this scrumptious delight, look no further as Kim Hua Guan is definitely a stall worth checking out!

Kim Hua Guan At People’s Park Food Centre

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Founded in the 1960s by Mr Ng, Kim Hua Guan has established itself as one of the most traditional brands in the barbecued meat industry. The company continues striving to deliver customer satisfaction and assures its customers of the highest quality and freshness of their food.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For those who have never tried Bak Kwa before, it is prepared by air-drying slices of minced pork and preserved with a special marination, usually containing maltose and honey. The preserved meat is then barbequed over charcoal or a hot plate. This sweet and savoury delicacy is usually eaten during Chinese New Year and is traditionally given as gifts to family and friends.

Signature Traditional Square Minced Pork ($6.20/100g)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Starting off with their signature, the bak kwa is nicely cut into thick slices, giving each slice a substantial bite. There is a good layer of fats within the slices, giving you the perfect amount of sinfulness while keeping it juicy. Flavourwise, it has a good balance of sweetness and blends well with the flavour of the pork. It is however lacking slightly in char, where the smokiness and bitterness would have helped elevate it further. Nonetheless, it is still pretty tasty overall.

Square Minced Pork WIth Chilli ($6.40/100g)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Another one of their best-sellers, the spicy version is perfect for those who love their heat. As compared to the signature, the spicy version does have more char, giving it a plus point. What makes this bak kwa stand out is that you first enjoy the sweetness of the marinade, followed by a delightful kick of spice that lingers and makes you crave for more with each bite! If you can handle your spice, we highly recommend you give this a try!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Kim Hua Guan Today!

Besides the two listed, Kim Hua Guan also offers a range of other Bak Kwa like Honey Coin ($6.80/100g), Black Pepper ($7.40/100g), Longan ($7.80/100g), and Iberico Pork ($10.60/100g). On top of that, they also have Pork Floss ($5.40/100g) as well. With the upcoming Lunar New Year, look no further to get your Bak Kwa fix and head down to Kin Hua Guan today!

Address: 32 New Market Rd, #01-1022, People’s Park Food Centre, Singapore 050032

Opening Hours: Daily, 9am to 6pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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