This Popular Thai Restaurant Has Opened Its Second Outlet At Katong Square With Incredible Meat, Seafood & Thai Hotpot To Enjoy!

If you frequent Djitsun Mall at Ang Mo Kio often, chances are you would notice Khao Hom by Rung Mama from their huge crowds. Popular for their incredible Thai Food, Easties can now enjoy a taste at their newest outlet at Katong Square with an even wider menu available! Indulge in outlet-exclusive dishes like their Tiger Prawn Steel Pot Vermicelli and Grilled Pork with Red Curry and Lychee with bestsellers including their Grilled Moo Ping and Crab Meat Omelette for the ultimate Thai feast!

Khao Hom By Rung Mama Opens Second Outlet At Katong Square

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Opening their first restaurant in 2020 at Ang Mo Kio, the recipes originated from the owner’s mum, Rung Mama, a Thai lady who moved to Singapore in the 1980s. With authentic recipes and a former chef from banyan tree restaurant under their belt, you’re guaranteed an amazing and authentic dining experience at Khao Hom!

Popular Bestsellers You Must Try!

1. Grilled Moo Ping (5pcs for $12)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Starting off with one of their bestsellers, the Moo Ping is marinated for over 24 hours, giving each bite a delightful burst of flavours with a hint of sweetness. Grilled to perfection, the pork is juicy and tender, with the charred bits making it reminiscent of bak kwa. Adding a nice touch of crispiness and smokiness, the charred bits definitely make this dish simply irresistible! A bestseller dish indeed! 

2. Chunky Crab Meat Omelette Roll ($30)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Featuring chunks of jumbo crab meat wrapped in a thick egg roll, the omelette is pretty thick, giving it a pleasantly chewy texture. Additionally, it has a very strong eggy taste with a subtle hint of wok hei. As for the crab meat, it adds a beautiful sweetness to the dish, blending perfectly with the savouriness of the egg. 

3. Crab Meat Omelette with Rice ($12)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Similar to the previous egg dish, this is definitely a more affordable alternative. The omelette here is instead more on the creamier side, yet it still pairs well with the texture of the crab. Be sure to dip it into their chilli for an added kick of spice and tang for an added oomph to the dish.

Amazing Outlet-Exclusive Dishes To Enjoy!

1. Khao Hom Mee Mama Hotpot ($30)

Image: Singapore Foodie

As Hotpot is traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year, why not go for the Khao Hom Mee Mama Hotpot for a delicious Thai twist! Served with an abundance of ingredients like roasted pork belly, meatballs, crab meat, squid, prawns, Mama instant noodles and tom yum soup, this dish will definitely hit the spot. 

From the crispy crackling of the pork belly and tasty meatballs to the tender squid and fresh and sweet crab, each ingredient is perfectly executed. Additionally, each slurp of the tasty noodles makes you crave for more! Topped with two eggs, they add a pleasant creaminess to the tom yum soup as well as a pleasant eggy flavour. 

2. Grilled Pork with Red Curry and Lychee ($15)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For those that enjoy Green Curry but can’t handle their spice, this is definitely a good alternative. Similar in taste, the spice in this is milder, with a subtle aftertaste of lychee which makes it a very unique dish. As for the grilled pork, it is tender and pairs perfectly with the curry. Additionally, there are slices of lychee to give sweetness and balance to the flavours.

3. Tiger Prawn Steel Pot Vermicelli ($22)

Image: Singapore Foodie

One of their must-try dishes, the vermicelli is incredibly springy and doesn’t clump together and dry out even after a significant period of time. Full of flavour, the peppercorns add a hint of spice and numbness, similar to Mala. Served with gigantic fresh and juicy prawns, they will certainly hit the spot for seafood lovers!

4. Crab Meat Dry Noodle ($12)

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

An elevated version of our classic Wanton Noodles, the noodles are perfectly al dente and are without any trace of the alkaline taste, giving it a plus point. With the addition of various ingredients like crab and peanuts, they add different layers of flavour and textures to make this one tasty dish.

5. Papaya Salad With Crab & Fermented Fish Sauce ($10)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For a refreshing appetiser, the shredded papaya gives an amazing crunch while the sauce adds savouriness with an amazing kick of spice that seriously packs a punch. Topped with raw crab, its freshness and sweetness help to lift the dish. 

Image: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Khao Hom By Rung Mama Today!

Good news for all, their Katong outlet now accepts all-day reservations and they are rewarding diners with free parking tickets for two hours at Katong Square with a minimum spend of $60 per table. For groups with 8 pax and above, simply spend $120 and above to redeem two parking tickets. On top of that, they are also open throughout Chinese New Year so be sure to head down and check them out today!

Whatsapp 96261913 or click here to make your reservations today!

Address: 88 E Coast Rd, #01-05/06/07, Katong Square, Singapore 423371

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am to 10pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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