KFC S’pore Releases All-New Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger

Mac and cheese lovers, this brand new KFC release is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Just a while ago, there’s news that KFC is once again, due to introduce a brand new burger menu. Curious to find out more about this Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger? Keep reading then!

KFC Mac N Cheese Burger
Photo: @KFC.SG (Facebook)

Mac ‘N Cheese Burger Now Available At All KFC S’pore Outlets

Alright, so as we know, KFC S’pore constantly introduces novel items on their menu such as the recent release of the Waffle Double Down. Without a doubt, new things are what keep these major fast food outlets going strong over the years.

KFC Mac N Cheese Burger
Photo: @KFC.SG (Facebook)

This time around, they have just released a new creation, named Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger. Essentially, you’ll get a KFC burger with a tender Original Recipe Chicken Fillet that’s slathered with cheesy cheese sauce as well as a Mac ‘N Cheese patty.

KFC Mac N Cheese Burger
Photo: @KFC.SG (Facebook)

We can foresee that the first bite onto the Mac ‘N Cheese patty screams a creamy yet cheesy mouthfeel. Also, let’s take a bold guess and say that the patty complements the entire burger-eating experience.

Last but not least, it’s already available at your nearest KFC outlets so how about trying it out tonight for dinner? Don’t forget to jio your friends too okay! Bye!

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