KFC S’pore Brings Back Crowd-Favourite Fried Chicken ‘N Waffles Today!

Anyone here loves fried chicken and waffles? Don’t worry, KFC’s got you covered! They are once again pairing their famous fried chicken with some fresh and fluffy waffles! Need we say more? Available from 11am onwards, you can now head over to KFC for this scrumptious dish!

KFC Chicken ‘N Waffles Is Back

Photo: KFC (Facebook)
Image: KFC

The Chicken ‘N Waffles is essentially two fried chicken (choose between Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy) served with waffles that are made to order. The dish is then drizzled with some sweet golden syrup.

It is available ala carte at $6.95 or as a meal from $8.95.

Photo: KFC

For those who want to have their meal without getting their hands dirty, there is also the Tenders ‘N Waffles (meal from $7.95) that is available. Instead of drumsticks, it comes with three chicken tenders.

Do take note this item is only available at these 49 outlets in Singapore:

Image: KFC (Facebook)

Sweet Potato Poppers Available From Oct 6

Photo: KFC (Facebook)

The sweet potato poppers will be available from Oct 6 onwards and will served at $1.95 for five pieces. Inspired by the popular Taiwanese street snack, it is said that the outside is crispy while the inside is filled with a creamy sweet potato taste.

Do note this will be available at all KFC restaurants except Singapore Zoo.

Get Some KFC Chicken ‘N Waffles Now!

There is currently no news on when the Chicken ‘N Waffles will end so while stocks last! Hurry down to your nearest outlet now!

For more releases from KFC, do check out their new BBQ Cheese ZInger Burger! 

Cover Photo: KFC (Facebook), KFC

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