KFC Singapore To Release NEW Chicken and Waffles on 4th September


To kick off the month of September, KFC is releasing a new item on the menu! Starting September 4, KFC is releasing Chicken & Waffles! While Chicken & Waffles has been a trend for awhile in Singapore, KFC is also jumping on board! You heard right, KFC’s Chicken & Waffles has finally made it to Singapore! Can’t decide if you want something sweet or savoury at KFC? Now you can get the best of both worlds with this new item! Keep reading to find out more!

KFC Chicken & Waffles to arrive in S’pore on 4 September

Photo: @KFCSG (Instagram)

Who doesn’t love KFC, right? With their tender and savoury fried chicken, it is indeed “finger lickin’ good”. While KFC has been getting on the bandwagon on trending food items really fast recently, this is one that you would not want to miss! While this new menu item is stirring up in the kitchen, their Facebook post has also mentioned that their chicken fillet will still be using their original recipe!

Chicken & Waffles
Photo: (facebook)

If you have not heard of this sweet and savoury combination before (where have you been?), it is made up of crispy chicken on top of a crisp waffle. It will give you the perfect balance of sweet and savoury!

Chicken & Waffles had been previously introduced in the US almost a year ago, using their original fried chicken recipe. They had brought it back to the US menu early March this year. While their chicken & waffles come with a side of maple syrup, the Singapore version seems to come with a more savoury sauce!

Photo: @kfc_sg (Instagram)

Waffles taste good, fried chicken tastes great, what’s not to love about this combination! Getting excited? We are too! Thankfully, the wait is almost over! Get a plate of chicken & waffles in KFC outlets around Singapore starting 4 September!

Check out KFC’s Facebook post below:

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