KFC Releases NEW Currycano Zinger With Hasbrown Cup You Can Pour Your Curry Into!

Are you hungry for a chicken burger, but also craving some curry? Well, today is your lucky day! KFC has released their all-new Currycano Zinger! It combines their Signature Zinger Burger with their rich and delicious curry sauce! This new meal is available now islandwide so hurry down to your nearest KFC Outlet today!

Currycano Zinger Now Available!

Photo: @kfc_sg (Instagram)

If you are in the mood for something spicy and crispy, look no further! This new meal features KFC’s classic spicy Zinger fillet, a slice of cheese, and a unique ‘hash-cup’ that is used to hold their classic curry sauce! There is also a spread of sambal sauce at the bottom of the chicken for a little kick!

Image: KFC Singapore (Website)

Here’s how you enjoy this meal. Firstly, you’d want to remove the bun and pour the curry sauce into the hash cup. Afterwards, you close the bun and enjoy! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Now you get to enjoy the taste of a classic Zinger with a rich curry sauce as well as a sweet and spicy sambal sauce! The perfect unctuous dish to treat yourself with!


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Head Down To KFC And Try This Today!

Head down to your nearest KFC Outlet today to enjoy the new Currycano Zinger! Due to the popularity of this item, they are likely to be sold out so order early! As there is currently no news on how long the new burger will be available for, stay tuned to KFC’s Facebook and Website for future updates! Hurry down now!

Cover Photo: (Instagram), KFC Singapore (Website)

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