Jollibee’s Long-Awaited Outlet At Northeast Has Finally Opened At NEX Serangoon


  • Jollibee has opened another outlet in NEX at Serangoon.
  • It is the first-ever location at Northeast.

Hello, friends! In all honesty, Jollibee has been thriving this year. Apart from opening its first-ever cloud kitchen in Singapore, Jollibee has also started to localise its menu with the introduction of Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy. Quickly becoming a crowd favourite among Singaporeans, Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy comes with steamy coconut rice, crunchy anchovies, spicy sambal, and fresh cucumbers. Of course, the main highlight is the thick and juicy Chickenjoy!

Now You Can ‘Chick’ Enjoy It At NEX Serangoon

Photo: Jollibee Singapore (Facebook)

Calling all Northeast peeps! Now, you don’t have to make your way outside of Northeast to enjoy this delectable treat. Announced on its social media platforms, Jollibee Singapore has finally makes its mark at Northeast. Strategically located in NEX at Serangoon, follow the fried chicken aroma to Basement 1.

Photo: Jollibee (Facebook)

Despite having multiple locations in Singapore, many netizens are truly excited about this brand new opening. As the time of writing, Jollibee’s announcement has received close to 500 shares on Facebook. With that said, it is safe to expect a long queue for the grand opening week. Well, if you don’t want to queue for it, Jollibee will always be available on food delivery platforms.

Opens On 13th October 2020

Photo: Jollibee (Singapore)

When you’re at Jollibee, make sure to try out Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy. Many commenters had mentioned that it really lives up to expectations. Here’s a snippet, “The new nasi lemak is very nice. It will be even better if it comes with nuts which it lacks of. If not it is definitely recommendable. Tbh Jollibee has never disappointed me with the menu. 👍“. Sounds promising enough? See you in the next post! 

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