Jia Chang Offers Hotpot Home-Delivery Sets with Fresh Seafood and Homemade Soup!

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner and you know what this means: Receiving ang paos, catching up with relatives who you haven’t seen in a year and of course, endless feasting!

However, we are all well aware that 2021’s festive season is going to be slightly different, thanks to the pandemic. With group sizes being limited and social distancing measures in place, the search for a spot for a reunion dinner with our loved ones might be a hassle.

Jia Chang offers delivery services for their hotpot to settle all your reunion gathering woes. On top of the prompt service, you can expect the food to be of exceptional quality with the freshest ingredients. Their menu comprises of multiple sets that can cater to different group sizes as well as a huge array of soup bases to suit your palates!

10 Different Soup Bases

This spot offers a stunning variety of 10 soup bases in which customers can pick and choose from. All of their soup bases are made from scratch on the day of delivery with their own recipes with no MSG added.

Some notable soup bases include the Herbal Chicken Soup, Creamy Fish Broth and Coconut Laksa.

$88 Value Hotpot Set (Serves 2 – 3 pax)

The smallest hotpot set which Jia Chang offers is the $88 Value Hotpot Set, which comes with a stunning variety of dishes ranging from seafood to meats. The set comes with 2L of the Herbal Chicken Broth soup base. Condiments can be added on, including a variety of dipping sauces, freshly cut fruit platter and freshly squeezed juices for just $3 per pax.

Accompanying their comforting soup base and complementing the condiments are dishes such as Fresh Grey Prawns, Handmade Meatballs and Fishballs, Shabu Pork Collar and the quintessential Fried Beancurd Roll.

If there was one dish that we had to choose to specially mention, it’d be their Fresh Batang Fish Slice.

Only the freshest catch is used as the chefs get their goods on the morning itself. Thickly sliced, the fish slices are firm and smooth upon cooking — a testament to its freshness!

$128 Value Hotpot Set (Serves 4 – 6 pax)

The $128 Hotpot set is very similar to the aforementioned $88 set, except with a greater quantity of each dish as well as an add on of certain dishes.

Order this set and you can get your hands on a serving of fish maw that’s served thinly sliced.

On top of that, the set comes with handmade meatballs and fishballs. We guarantee that these are worth saving some stomach space for.

Oddly-sized and shaped, one can tell that these are handmade from the get-go. Jia Chang uses the freshest and best quality ingredients and delicately seasons the mixture with their own recipes. The result? Undeniably tasty and flavourful meatballs and fishballs that you can’t find elsewhere!

$168 Signature Hotpot Set (Serves 7 – 8 pax)

Another one of their mid-tier sets would be their Signature Hotpot Set. The additional cost of $40 from the previous set is extremely justifiable and value-for-money!

Not only does this feed a larger group of people, but it also comes with several other premium ingredients.

Handmade Tobiko Shrimp Paste

Of the numerous items they offer, we found the Handmade Tobiko Shrimp Paste the most impressive—so much that it is worth a mention on its own.

Made from scratch by the chefs at Jia Chang, the Tobiko Shrimp Paste is utterly smooth and crunchy upon cooking. The addition of tobiko bits gives this fresh seafood delicacy a burst of umami flavours and an added crunch.

Should you be ordering the hotpot sets that do not come with this item, we highly recommend you opt for this as an ala carte item ($8.80). Other pastes they offer include the Chicken Mushroom Paste and Prawn Paste, both of which are also handmade.

More Seafood Offerings

On top of the aforementioned, you’d be pleased to know that the Signature Set also comes with plump Half Shell Scallops and Gui Fei Sliced Abalone.

Meats Galore

Whether or not the seafood takes centre stage, make no mistake and leave some space for their meats.

The $168 Signature Hotpot Set also features a portion of Home Recipe Marinated Sliced Chicken and Shabu Pork Belly.

$238 Premium Hotpot Set (Serves 10 pax)

One of the most extensive sets on their menu and the one that will surely win the hearts of your guests at home over would definitely be Jia Chang’s $238 Premium Set.

Now, do not let the hefty price tag fool you—this Premium Hotpot Set is arguably their most value-for-money sets given the sheer amount of luxurious ingredients and quantity of it.

12-Heads Abalone

What better way to ring a prosperous New Year than with some abalone?

This seafood is known to be a super-luxe seafood item with an auspicious meaning attached to it. Furthermore, due to its rarity, it often comes with a hefty cost.

The $238 Set comes with 10 whole pieces of 12-heads abalone—enough to go round the table!

Fresh Jumbo Tiger Prawns

Freshly brought in daily, the Fresh Jumbo Tiger Prawns are probably going to be one of the hugest ones you’ll ever come across.

This meaty goodness is juicy and sweet, and has a firm bite to it. One prawn is akin to the size of 4-5 regular prawns!

Celebrate the New Year with Jia Chang

Their $288 Pen Cai is also worth considering if you are looking to pamper yourself and your loved ones with. Some of the items in their pen cai include scallops, sea cucumbers, abalone and mussels.

You may make an order via their website or call their hotline.

Jia Chang
Address: 767 Upper Serangoon Road, Spazio @ Kovan #01-02, Singapore 534635
Tel: +65 8666 7333
Takeaway & Delivery: 10AM – 8PM




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