FairPrice Now Selling NISSIN X IRVINS Salted Egg Cup Noodles For $2.65!

If you love salted egg, the brand IRVINS is definitely no stranger to you. They are a very popular brand, best known for their Salted Egg Fish Skin. Spotted by GreatDeals Singapore, IRVINS has recently launched a new cup noodle in collaboration with Japanese Food company NISSIN at FairPrice! Currently, IRVINS Salted Egg Cup Noodles is sold out on IRVINS website, meaning you can only get it at FairPrice for now!

IRVINS Salted Egg Cup Noodles


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Fans of salted egg would definitely have to try this! GreatDeals Singapore spotted the cup noodles at the FairPrice outlet at Waterway Point at Punggol. However, it should be available at all of the other FairPrice outlets. Each cup noodle is going for $2.65 and has expiry dates up till Sept 2022. Perfect for stocking up for supper! On IRVINS website, it is currently priced at $2.95 per bowl.


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The salted egg cup noodle, according to IRVINS, consists of traditional mee pok noodles and salted egg spice. Additionally, spring onions and egg crumbs are sprinkled on top. According to some reviews, the cup noodle is flavorful, and the savouriness is well-balanced with a hint of spice and sweetness. However, the salted egg flavour isn’t as intense as Indomie’s salted egg instant noodle.


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Head Down To FairPrice Today!

As the cup noodles are currently sold out on IRVINS website, hurry and get them from FairPrice while stocks last!  There is currently no update on how long the cup noodles will be on the shelves for so hurry get them while they’re still available! Do check IRVINS Instagram and Facebook for more updates! Head down to your nearest FairPrice outlet today!

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