Inviting All Islanders To Join ‘Home’ Sing Along To The Front-liners and Migrant Workers Tomorrow At 7.55 PM

To thank the front liners and migrant workers

The circuit breaker does separate us physically. But our hearts are definitely united more than ever before. While the rest of us are safely tucked in our own home, front liners and migrant workers are trapped in a harsh battlefield. For this reason, the whole nation is invited to appreciate these brave souls by singing the islandwide beloved song ‘Home’ together.

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The Ultimate Flashlight Wave

The sing-along will start at 7.55 PM tomorrow. With that in mind, make sure that you tune in to radio stations, Mediacorp television channels or social media platforms by then. Grab your family members, housemates, and tell anyone that you can think of to join the celebration.

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Wave torches by your window or balcony and sing this iconic song together. Obviously, this special edition of ‘Home’ will feature its composer Dick Lee, singers Rahimah Rahim, Shabir, and Taufik Batisah. Certainly not to forget a 900-strong choir, as well as other artists.

Record Your Sing Along And Get A Chance To Be Featured

Everyone can tune in to one of these media platforms to participate:

  • SPH Radio
  • Camokakis radio stations
  • Facebook page
  • Mediacorp’s meWatch
  • Mediacorp’s meListen
  • TV channels
  • Radio stations
  • Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Furthermore, here’s how to really get involved in this historic event. Record yourself singing and upload the video on your social media. Use the hashtags #singtogetherSG, #SingaporeTogether, and #stayhomeforSG. Maybe you get the chance to be featured in the second ‘Home’ video.

You will be able to watch the video that same day on meWatch and almost all Mediacorp television channels at 10.30 PM.

Appreciation And Solidarity

Sim Hong Huat
Photo: @SGSME.SG

Meanwhile, the media industry is leading this collaborative effort. “SPH Radio is proud to be part of this movement as we want to show our solidarity with fellow Singaporeans and our appreciation to our brave front-liners. We will get through this as one.” Said SPH Radio general manager, Sim Hong Huat.

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