IKEA S’pore Now Has Mala Chicken Wings & More For A Limited Time Only

Apart from innovative and affordable furniture, IKEA is known for its food. It is the home to Swedish meatballs. Over the years, it has been incorporating local flavours into its menu, and it’s about time to put mala in the spotlight.

IKEA S’pore Now Has Mala Chicken Wings

Photo: IKEA Singapore (Website)

Indeed, we are starting the year spicy. Just last week, McDonald’s has announced that it will be releasing all-new Mala McShaker Fries, and it appears that IKEA has jumped into the spicy bandwagon, too.

Just announced, IKEA will be introducing two mala creations – IKEA Mala Chicken Wings ($9.50), and Mala Chicken Leg with Spaghetti ($9).

Photo: IKEA Singapore (Website)

IKEA has elevated its classic chicken wings by coating it with dry mala dressing, and tossed with chilli padi. The must-try chicken wings are best shared with friends and family. Available in six pieces, it will be sold until 28th February.

Photo: IKEA Singapore (Website)

Looking for some mains instead? Try out Mala Chicken Leg with Spaghetti. Toss the chicken leg and spaghetti with mala dressing to ensure that it is evenly coated. It will be available on the menu much shorter, until 7th February only.

Other New Things Include Barbecue Pork Ribs With Fries

Photo: IKEA Singapore (Website)

Apart from these new creations, IKEA has also released Barbecue Pork Ribs with Fries ($12), and it will be available until 28th February, too. Find all these seasonal items to be available at IKEA’s Alexandra and Tampines outlets.

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