MUST-TRY: The Best Chai Shop In Singapore That Serves More Than 70 Drinks!

Teh Halia & Teh Masala Is A Must-Try At Bhai Sarbat!

Nestled along Bussorah Street, lies Bhai Sarbat Stall which serves the best Chai tea in Singapore. Passed down from generation to generation, the 3rd Generation owner still serves tea just like the good old days!

Bhai Sarbat Stall Serves The Best Chai In Singapore!

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Photo: @bhaisarbatsg (Instagram)

At the heart of the tourist attraction, Kampung Glam, is where you can find a snaking queue forming at a corner store near the alley. The shophouse attracting such a huge crowd is none other than Bhai Sarbat!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Teh Sarbat which is a type of strong pulled black tea mixed with milk and flavored with ginger requires a certain skill. As explained by the owner, the art of making a good cup of Teh Sarbat depends on the amount of ginger added and tea-pulling skills.

At Least 1,000 Cups A Day, Most Of Which Are Teh Sarbat!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Therefore, here are the recommended drinks that we tried, out of the 77 drinks they have on their menu!

Teh Halia & Teh Masala

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Photo: Singapore Foodie

Craving for a cup of frothy pulled milk tea that will warm your soul? Hence, why not try out the Teh Sarbat at Bhai Sarbat? Poured from one stainless steel mug to ano9ther in mid-air, it takes a certain amount of skill in order to make the perfect cup of Teh Sarbat.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

We tried the 2 most popular Teh served at Bhai Sarbat, Teh Halia and Teh Masala. Although they look very similar, they both have a very different and distinct fragrance and aroma.

The Teh Halia which is also known as Ginger Tea was slightly spicy and gave you the perfect amount of kick. It even has bits of real ginger in each sip!

While the Teh Masala, on the other hand, was slightly lighter but was still extremely flavorful at the same time.

Despite it being a crazy hot day in Singapore that day, the cups of hot tea were very delightful. Taking small sips each time, we finished both cups in no time because it was just too good!

Kopi Chino & Teh Chino

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Next, we tried something cold! The popular Teh Chino and Kopi Chino at Bhai Sarbat.

According to the owner, the right way to enjoy this drink is to sip it with your straw from bottom-up instead of stirring it. This method of drinking is so that you can enjoy every layer of this drink.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Kopi Chino was indeed much better when we tried to drink it the way as recommended by the owner! It was lighter as compared to normal Kopi that you get at the coffeeshops while still keeping the aroma that coffee should have. It’s the perfect drink on a hot day in Singapore for coffee lovers!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Next up, we tried the signature Teh Chino which was equally good! If you’re looking for something to beat the heat, this is the ideal drink for you. Frothy, smooth and aromatic, you just want to gulp down this drink along with some snacks such as Curry Puffs and Vadai which they also sell at Bhai Sarbat!

77 Drinks On The Menu, Plenty For You To Choose From!

Photo: @bhaisarbatsg (Instagram)

This Muslim-owned Chai Tea stall at Kampung Glam is a definite must-try! Any other cup of tea will taste mediocre after you try Bhai Sarbat. Not kidding.

They have countless of other drinks on their extremely extensive menu, you’ll definitely want to return to try them all!

Address: Bhai Sarbat Stall, 21 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199442

Contact: 8263 4142

Operating Hours: 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily

Links: Instagram

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