This Popular Spot At Telok Blangah Serves Incredible Char Kway Teow With Generous Servings Of Cockles & Pork Lard!

If you’re looking for a tasty and hearty meal for dinner, Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kuay Teow at Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre is just the spot to head to. Drawing snaking queues for their awesome Char Kway Teow with generous servings of heavenly cockles and pork lard, this is definitely one of the best Char Kway Teow spots in Singapore!

Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kuay Teow At Telok Blangah

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image:: Singapore Foodie

A stall with a history of more than 50 years, Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kuay Teow was previously located at Margaret Drive Hawker Centre before moving to Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre around five years ago. A one-man show stall, Mr Loh Kwee Leng cooks each plate individually, ensuring consistency of quality. While this means waiting time might take a while, trust us when we say it is truly worth the wait!

Awesome Char Kway Teow With Cockles & Pork Lard

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Offering prices of $4.50 and $5, we went for the $5 version as the $4.50 portion is served without egg. The noodles lean towards the sweet side, yet there’s a pleasant amount of savouriness that gives a good balance of flavour. Moist and smoky, the smokiness lingers after each bite, making you crave for the next almost immediately. Additionally, the chilli gives it a slight kick of spice to tie the flavours together.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Char Kway Teow here is kept simple as it’s served with only four ingredients – egg, cockles, bean sprouts, and pork lard. Though some might feel the need for lup cheong and fishcake, simply take a bite of the cockles and pork lard and all your concerns will be put to rest. The servings are incredibly generous as well, with at least a cockle or pork lard in each bite!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The cockles are fresh and plump, with a good bite and have a really nice clean taste to them. As for the pork lard, they come in big chunks without any trace of the residual oil taste. These beautiful golden nuggets give the noodles an amazing layer of crunch and umami that’s sinful, yet simply divine.

Image:: Singapore Foodie

Try Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kuay Teow Today!

Overall, it’s no surprise to see why Hai Kee draws huge crowds daily with its simple yet well-executed Char Kway Teow. What makes them truly stand out are their exceptional cockles and pork lard that has customers coming back for more. As it opens in the evening, you might want to head down early as the queue piles up as dinner time approaches. Hurry down for a taste of this must-try dish today!

Address: 11 Telok Blangah Cres, #01-102, Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre, Singapore 090011

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Sun, 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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