Golden Mile Food Centre Reopening On 28th February 2021

In 2021, it feels like we are welcoming back old favourites! Just yesterday, East Coast Lagoon Village has finally reopened after three months of hiatus. You will be excited to know another food centre will be reopening by the end of the month!

Golden Mile Food Centre Reopening

Photo: @threegoodguys (Instagram)
Photo: @aenbiarshystpp (Instagram)

No doubt that there are a lot of good hawker places in Singapore, and one of the best spots to find them is none other than Golden Mile Food Centre. Notable to have many choices of local hawker fare, some of the well-regarded hawkers include chicken rice, prawn noodles, char koay teow, and even steamed fish!

Photo: @narrak_gal (Instagram)
Photo: @narrak_gal (Instagram)

Late last year, it was closed for renovation to improve the facilities. Many netizens were sad that they have to part ways with one of the best food centres in Singapore. Now, you will be excited to know that it will be reopening by the end of the month. To be exact, it will be opening on 28th February 2021!

Photo: @tamkokseng (Instagram)
Photo: @foooodieholic (Instagram)

On a different note, another food centre, Zion Riverside Food Centre is set to reopen on the same date.

What Do You Miss About Golden Mile Food Centre?

We are looking forward to seeing the newly renovated Golden Mile Food Centre. Are you? Let us know in the comments.

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