This Stall At Golden Mile Serves Seriously Addictive Sweet Potato Balls & Banana Fritters!

Ever found yourself wandering around Golden Mile Complex looking for a quick and tasty bite? Well, this is just the spot to head to for some scrumptious munchies! Introducing Golden Banana, where they serve up amazing fried fritters like sweet potato balls and banana fritters! This is definitely a must-try whenever you’re in the area!

Popular Stall At Golden Mile Complex

Photo: Singapore Foodie

If you’ve been to the Thai supermarket on the second floor of Golden Mile Complex, you’ve probably noticed Golden Banana’s stall, which is located directly outside. Known to draw serious crowds on the weekends, the popular stall serves up an array of tasty fried fritters. Choose from a selection of sweet potato balls, which is their crowd-favourite, banana fritters, as well as sweet potato and yam fritters!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Served in a simple takeaway bag, they are the perfect snack to have on the go! At their storefront, you will find two large and eye-catching baskets of sweet potato balls and banana fritters that will have you salivating upon sheer sight of them!

Crispy And Scrumptious Fried Fritters!

Image: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

The Sweet Potato Balls are served at an absolute steal price of only $4 for 12 pieces! These scrumptious delights are incredibly moist and crispy, with a pleasant chewy texture inside that’s almost like a mochi! The flavour of the sweet potato is pretty prominent, giving a wonderful sweetness to each bite. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with the savouriness of the batter, making the sweetness less cloying and much more palatable! One thing to know, however, is that the sweet potato balls are a tad oily, but nonetheless still amazing! They are seriously addictive and a definite must-try!

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

For the Banana Fritters, they are also served at a reasonable price of $4 for six pieces! Unlike your typical goreng pisang, the batter used here is much heavier than the lighter version most of us are familiar with. The fritter is nice and crispy, with the batter tasting really similar to the Chinese butterfly fritter! The crispiness also gives a good contrast of textures to the soft and sweet banana! Simply take a bite and enjoy the harmonious balance of savouriness and sweetness, with a tinge of sourness from the banana coming through at the end! For those who enjoy goreng pisang, these tasty fritters are an interesting take on them and they are certainly worth a try!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Hurry Try Golden Banana Today!

Even though they open at 10am daily, you might want to head down slightly later as they will still be cooking up some of their food! If you’re ever at Golden Mile Complex, be sure to give them a try! Hurry down today!

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #02- 64, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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