MUST-TRY: Famous Peanut Butter Min Jiang Kueh Pancakes At This Hawker Stall!

Traditional Meets Modern At Granny's Pancake!

As a small but united community, the one thing that all Singaporeans can bond over is good food. Of the many local favourites, one of the nationally-acknowledged local snacks is our own version of pancakes, otherwise known as Min Jiang Kueh.


This local delight is most commonly found in hawker centres, and are commonly enjoyed in three flavours – peanut, red bean and coconut. Of the many stalls selling this snack, Granny’s Pancake may just be one of the most reputable, especially for their peanut butter flavour!

Granny’s Pancake – Singapore’s Best Handmade, Authentic Min Jiang Kueh Pancakes

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With over 10 franchise outlets islandwide, Granny’s Pancake started over 10 years ago as a humble stall in Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre. Despite the changing times, the menu still remains simple and mind-blowingly cheap – with only 4 menu items, ranging from $0.80 to $1!

The stall remains old-school, as they never expanded their outlets into malls and instead chose to stay in hawker centres. Though this chain isn’t exactly a hidden gem, it’s a gem in all other rights. The pancakes are tasty in their simplicity, with consistency being the most important aspect across all branches.

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As with most things, a large part of what makes good min jiang kueh is subjective to personal preference. The pancakes here are not as thick as those from other stalls, perfect for individuals who don’t fancy too much batter in their bite. Despite the pancake itself being comparatively thinner, the fluffiness and moistness are not compromised.

The batter is soft and has a nice chewy bite, without being too dense or tough. The crust at the edges of the pancake also hold that satisfying brittle crunch. The price of their min jiang kueh may be cheap, but they certainly don’t skimp on the fillings!

Best Menu Items To Try At Granny’s Pancake!

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Arguably the best thing at Granny’s Pancake, their Peanut Butter Peanut Pancake ($1) is the absolute must-try item at this stall! While this has become somewhat of their signature flavour, this exclusive item has helped draw in hoards of satisfied regular customers.

Thick globs of gooey, rich peanut butter mixes in with the sweet crushed peanuts to bring the pancake to a whole new level. The contrasting textures combine with the fluffy pancake to make for a sinful, satisfying bite. The chunky peanut butter fans are going to absolutely love this!

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A mainstream min jiang kueh flavour, the Coconut Pancake ($0.80) is another best-seller at their stall! Despite being so common, customers still travel all the way to Granny’s Pancake to eat their coconut pancakes. They’re just that good! The shredded sweetened coconut is flavourful and moist, providing a slightly crunchy texture to the chewy pancake.

Don’t be intimidated by the neon orange colour of the coconut! Despite the strong colour, the coconut filling isn’t overly sweet, just giving an adequate hint of fragrance and sweetness that shines through the fluffy pancakes.


Granny’s Pancake Makes Singapore’s Best Min Jiang Kueh, Including Peanut Butter-Flavoured Pancakes!

Though this dish is available at most hawker centres, Granny’s Pancake is definitely a must-try for both the uninitiated and the connoisseurs. With only 4 flavours available, they keep things simple and traditional, while focusing their efforts on taste and texture. Head down to your nearest branch to try some of the best min jiang kueh in Singapore, and let us know what you think! Happy Eating! ?

Location: #01-52, Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, 20 Ghim Moh Rd, Singapore 270020

Opening Hours: 5.30am – 4pm (Mon – Sat), 5.30am – 12am (Sun)


Check for other outlets here.

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