F-Drones Completes Singapore’s First Commercial Drone Delivery To An Offshore Ship

Hello Foodies! While we take a breather from all the devastating news surrounding Covid-19, here’s a piece of news that will make all Singaporeans proud. F-Drones, a Singapore-based drone delivery service company, had just claimed the city state’s first commercial beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone delivery. The 2.7km flight delivered 2kg of vitamins to a ship anchored off the island in just 7minutes!

F-Drones Is The First Company To Receive Authorisation From CAAS For Such Deliveries

Photo: The Straits Times

According to their website, F-Drones is the world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to ships and offshore platforms. They are the first company to receive authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) for such deliveries.

F-Drones is currently using an off-the-shelf drone which can only take up to 5kg of supplies and travel up to 5km offshore each way. However, they are looking to develop a 100kg-100km drone in the second half of 2021.

The Drones Used Produces Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Diesel-powered launch boats and helicopters are currently the standard methods used for such deliveries. However, the downside of these methods is that it takes a lot of time and it produces a lot of carbon dioxide. Drone deliveries take less than 15 minutes on average and offers a greener way of delivering supplies.

Photo: F-Drones Screenshot (Youtube)

For those curious, check out the full video of the drone’s flight path!

Sources: The Straits Times, Splash 247

Link(s): Website, LinkedIn, Youtube

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