This Spot In Sin Kee Heong Has Queue-Worthy Old-School Fried Chicken Wings & Bee Hoon

Recently, we are having a little bit of fried chicken wings fever. There is just something delightful about that cut of chicken, especially when it is fried. One of the famous spots to get your hands on these fried chicken wings is Goldhill Family Restaurant, a stall that serves economy rice. Another great option would be Eng Kee Chicken Wings at Sin Kee Heong!

Queue-Worthy Old-School Fried Chicken Wings & Bee Hoon


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As the name has suggested, Eng Kee Chicken Wings specialises in fried chicken wings. Many netizens gush about the amazing fried chicken wings, especially when it is paired with fried bee hoon. Often fried to golden-brown perfection, Eng Kee’s version has a thin crispy coating, while the chicken meat remains juicy on the inside. How heavenly!


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While every piece of chicken wings is well-seasoned, it tastes even better with the chilli that is provided. Of course, it is not your usual packet of chilli. The colour of the chilli has a darker tone in comparison to the usual ones. The homemade chilli is said to have a little hint of shrimp paste, giving it a little old-school taste. The combination of fried chicken wings, bee hoon, and chilli sounds like a good way to start the day!


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A piece of fried chicken wings is priced at $1.20, slightly a little more expensive than Goldhill Family Restaurant. Although this spot is constantly frying fried chicken wings, netizens mentioned it is best to call beforehand to ensure that you get your fried chicken wings quickly. Just like many famous spots in Singapore, there will always be a queue for these delicious fried snacks!

Find It At Eng Kee Chicken Wings At Sin Kee Heong

Address: 117 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 141091

Operating Hours: Daily except for Sunday, 11:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: @colinlinsg (Instagram), @yearliess (Instagram).

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