elemen Now Offering 8-Course Oldie-Licious Meatless Set Menu, Including Parents’ Day Takeaway Set Till June 30

Indulge in a meatless yet delectable meal at elemen in celebration of Parents’ Day from now till June 30. Enjoy an 8-Course Oldie-Licious, with each dish marked by a respect for its own tradition and heritage.


elemen Now Offering Delectable 8-Course Meatless Menu

Frm now till June 30, enjoy the 8-Course Oldie-Licious eleMember at $38.80++ per person | Public at $42.80++ per person) featuring a tantalizing trio of mini otah charcoal burwich, classic kuih pie tee adorned with bursts of ‘caviar’, and a pandan crêpe filled with achar.

The Crispy Tofu Salad adds a refreshing twist on Tauhu Goreng, boasting deep-fried panko beancurd alongside julienned cucumbers and carrots, drizzled with sweet sauce.

Enjoy the comforting Shroom Ball Soup where a delicate yet satisfying broth is infused with shroom balls and crispy enoki mushrooms, perfectly balanced by the tanginess of pickled mustard greens.

Embark on an epicurean adventure with the Golden Ngoh Hiang – crunchy chestnuts and carrots are enveloped in ngoh hiang, elevated by the aromatic essence of five-spice powder.

As you savour these delectable dishes, treat yourself to a moment of palate cleansing and digestion with a small cup of refreshing Apple Cider.


Dive into the Assam Curry Monkey Head Mushroom with Blue Pea Nasi Lemak made with coconut-infused rice, crispy ‘keropok’, and a delectable meatless assam curry.

End your scrumptious meal with the Ondeh-Ondeh Cake with Coconut Ice Cream, featuring a delightful blend of pandan, gula melaka, and creamy coconut ice cream. Cheers to the end of a satisfying meal with a refreshing glass of Bah Long Long Juice.


Oldie-Licious Takeaway / Delivery Bento

Experience the flavours of Peranakan cuisine in the comfort of your home with elemen’s takeaway and delivery options. Each meticulously crafted bento set showcases Assam Murry monkey Head Mushroom with Blue Pea Nasi Lemak, Crispy Tofu Salad, and Golden Ngoh Hiang. Enjoy island-wide delivery via Oddle for a flat $5 delivery fee with a minimum $50 order, or indulge in free delivery with a minimum $100 order.



Hurry make your reservations here and head down to your nearest elemen outlet today!

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