Eateries Are Offering Ramadan Bazaar-Like Treats With Ramly Burgers, Kueh & Rice Platters

Greetings, everyone! Earlier this year, it was announced that Ramadan Bazaar has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Ramadan doesn’t sound complete without strolling in bazaars looking for the best treats with your friends and family. Not to worry, you can find Ramadan treats right here!

Eateries Are Offering Ramadan Bazaar-Like Treats

Photo: Makan Empire (Facebook)
Photo: Makan Empire (Facebook)

Several eateries in Singapore are offering Ramadan Bazaar-like experiences. Some of the eateries are Mr Malabar Cafe, Makan Empire, Padi Emas, and Warong Jahara. Right at these places, you will be able to find mini booths offering Ramadan delicacies such as Ramly burgers, traditional kueh, briyani rice, and more!

Photo: Makan Empire (Facebook)
Photo: Makan Empire (Facebook)

The following is a list of items that these eateries are offering respectively:

  • Mr Malabar Cafe @ Maude Road – Ramly burger, otak-otak, char kway, ayam percik, wadeh udang.
  • Makan Empire @ Kaki Bukit Road  – Air jagung, lemon pudding, sirap selasih, kueh tako, kueh dadar, kole-kole kacang, kueh kosui.
  • Padi Emas @ Jurong East Street – Bottled beverages, Ramly burgers, ondeh-ondeh, putri salat, kueh keria, badak berendam.
  • Warong Jahara @ Kapo Street – Nasi rowan platter, nasi briyani platter, nasi ambeng platter, tulang, agar-agar gudil, bubur somsom.
Photo: Warong Jahara (Facebook)
Photo: Warong Jahara (Facebook)

These ‘Ramadan Bazaar’ may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. It is unfortunate that these treats are located in different places. Thankfully, we have couple of weeks before Ramadan, and you can enjoy it on different days! Where will you be visiting first to enjoy these Ramadan dishes?

Small ‘Ramadan Bazaars’ In Singapore

Photo: Ronnie Faizal Tan (Facebook)
Photo: Ronnie Faizal Tan (Facebook)

How do you think Ramadan will look like for the following year? Let us know in the comments!

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