Eat Pizza: South Korea’s Largest Pizza Chain Opens At PLQ Mall With Over 12 Flavours To Enjoy!

Good news pizza lovers, Eat Pizza, South Korea’s largest pizza chain has recently opened in Singapore. Spanning over 100 outlets in South Korea, you can now enjoy pipping hot pizza that’s made to order in five minutes!


Eat Pizza Opens At PLQ Mall

Offering customers a fast, convenient, and tasty meal, the pizzas are shaped into long rectangles, boasting a thickness of 25cm. Its unique design allows for easy one-handed consumption and also for sharing in groups, allowing everyone to sample a diverse array of flavours.

All pizzas are made from scratch and thanks to Eat Pizza’s ready-rolled dough, each handmade order is completed in no more than five minutes. Each pizza is also made with high-protein dough and extra virgin olive oil, topped with 100% natural cheese. Enjoy an incredible cheese pull with the help of their secret house blend of natural cheese that’s perfect for your Instagram feed. Additionally, Eat Pizza does not use any pork in their ingredients.

Over 12 Flavours To Enjoy

Indulge in over 12 delectable flavours:

  • 100% Real Cheese Pizza ($5.90)
  • Sweet Potato Pizza ($6.50)
  • Pepperoni Pizza ($6.50)
  • Hawaiian Pizza ($6.50)
  • Crispy Potato Bacon Pizza ($6.90)
  • Aloha Pizza ($6.90)
  • Double Cheese Bacon Pizza ($6.90)
  • Sweet Bulgogi Pizza ($7.90)
  • Hot Spicy Chicken Pizza ($7.90)
  • Shrimp Pizza ($8.90)
  • Sirloin Steak Pizza ($8.90)
  • Fried Shrimp Pizza ($8.90)

There’s even a PLQ Flagship-exclusive – Kimchi Bulgogi Pizza ($9.90).

Pair your pizzas with drinks like the Korean Yuzu Honey Citron Slushie ($3.90) for a refreshing accompaniment to your meal.


Hurry down today!

Address:10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter, #01-K5, Singapore 409057

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am to 10pm


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