Domino’s Pizza S’pore Gave Away 540 Pizzas, Fully Redeemed In Less Than 24 Minutes

Hey, fam! On the 1st of August, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia mentioned that they will be giving out free pizzas in conjunction with National Day. It was a super big campaign, with 54 pizzas per outlet, and a total of 540 pizzas in total. The promotion happened today at 12:00 p.m.! Line were already forming in front of Domino’s Pizza before the event started.

Fully redeemed in less than 24 minutes

Photo: Domino’s Pizza Singapore (Facebook)

Domino’s Pizza Singapore wants to break the national record. The pizza franchise plans to have the title of most numbers of pizzas to be given away! Here’s the game plan. Ten participating outlets will be giving away 540 pizzas. For the giveaway, two choices of pizzas were available, all-time favourite Classified Chicken, and a new release, Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza.

Screenshot: Domino’s Pizza Singapore (Facebook)

To get a free pizza, no minimum purchase was necessary. Lines started forming right in front of all participating outlets before twelve o’clock. Domino’s Pizza Singapore had created a Facebook Post to update the status of the giveaway. One by one, the status switched from available to fully redeemed. As of 12:24 p.m. today, all pizzas were fully redeemed.

Photo: Domino’s Pizza Singapore (Facebook)

Based on the photo posted by Domino’s Pizza, most of the people that were queueing were elderlies. Remember Huawei’s failed campaign in conjunction with National Day? Domino’s Pizza learned from them. The pizza franchise made sure everyone had something to drink. From a video, they were passing beverages down the line. Aww, good job!

All gone too soon

Photo: Domino’s Pizza Singapore (Website)

Not to worry, there are other promotions in conjunction with National Day. Announced an hour ago, Domino’s Pizza is having a promotion! You can get five regular pizzas for only $54, or pick two sides for only $5.40! That’s a pretty neat deal, yes? However, on the day of National Day, Domino’s Pizza will not be delivering to these postcodes due to road closures.

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