Clan 7™ At Lorong Chuan Is Now Having An Anniversary Special Promotion Till End Of June With Seafood Dishes To Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a taste of scrumptious and modern Chinese cuisine, Clan 7™ at New Tech Park is just the place to head to! Not only that, they are now celebrating their first year anniversary with a special promotion on their incredible Braised Australian Lobster with Superior Broth at only $68 (U.P. $98)! Dig into some of their other amazing signature dishes like their Char-baked Rice with Lobster and Crispy Rice, Sichuan-style Cooked Garoupa Fillet, and Smoked Cod Fish Fillet!

Modern Chinese Restaurant At Lorong Chuan

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Clan 7™ Chinese Restaurant is the perfect dining destination for a taste of exceptional Chinese cuisine with your friends and family! While “Clan” represents the bond that unites diners together, the number “7” is drawn from its close resemblance to the Chinese word for “togetherness”. Aiming to exhibit the best of culinary expertise in modern Chinese cuisine, Chef Dee Chan and his team have conceptualised an innovative and exquisite plethora of traditional classics for everyone to enjoy!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Offering set lunch menus and an extensive array of a la carte options, Clan 7™ caters to all dining occasions, ranging from business lunches to family meals and celebrations. Furthermore, the dining experience is elevated for food and wine connoisseurs through an outstanding range of wines and spirits specially curated by Ch’ng Poh Tiong, Keeper of the Quaich (2012) and Tasting Director of Singapore World Spirits Competition! It’s definitely an amazing dining experience that you won’t forget! 

Scrumptious Chinese Dishes To Enjoy!

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

For the Braised Australian Lobster with Superior Broth ($68, U.P. $98), live lobsters are used, ensuring you get the utmost of freshness and sweetness! The luxurious lobster is served already deshelled, allowing you to enjoy this tasty dish with ease! Cooked to utter perfection, the meat is incredibly tender, with each bite giving a beautiful and harmonious blend of sweet and salty! Additionally, although there isn’t much sauce served, the lobster still remains extremely flavourful and succulent. Do note the promotion for this dish is until the end of June, so hurry down for a taste today! 

Photo: Singapore Foodie

If you’re looking for some carbs with a touch of class, the Char-baked Rice with Lobster and Crispy Rice ($68) is the perfect go-to! Using live lobster as well, the meat has an amazing bite to it, with the natural sweetness of the lobster shining through in this dish! 

Image: Singapore Foodie

As for the rice, it is really fluffy, with a flavour profile in between your typical claypot and yam rice, making it really unique! Additionally, the crispy rice sprinkled over the dish adds a beautiful crunch, giving a good contrast of textures. Be sure to pair the mushrooms with the rice for an extra touch of chewiness and umami! Definitely a tasty rice dish that’s perfect for sharing! 

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

If you enjoy fish, the Smoked Cod Fish Fillet ($26) is definitely a must-try! Be sure to get your cameras ready, as the insta-worthy smoke appears as soon as the lid is lifted! The smoky and charcoal aroma hits you immediately, smelling pretty reminiscent of your classic barbeque Otah. The exterior is seriously crispy, while the inside still remains soft and moist! With a caramelized layer of sugar, it gives sweetness and a touch of bitterness, balancing out the savouriness and amazing smokiness of the cod perfectly! A dish that’s certainly not to be missed! 

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For all you spice lovers, the Sichuan-style Cooked Garoupa Fillet ($38) is the ultimate comforting and spicy soup to wash down all your scrumptious food! The aroma of the sichuan is extremely fragrant, hitting your nostrils as soon as it arrives on your table. 

Image: Singapore Foodie

Each sip is filled with the incredible sichuan flavour, giving a beautiful blend of spice and tang. Not only that, the spice has a good amount of heat and lingers, making you crave for more! As for the ingredients, the fish is really tender, with the tang hoon soaking up the broth for an amazing burst of flavours! A delectable and comforting soup that’s perfect for any rainy day! 

Image: Singapore Foodie

Hurry Down To Clan 7™ Today!

As mentioned previously, the promotion for the Braised Australian Lobster with Superior Broth is till the end of June, so hurry redeem it while stocks last! If you feel like having these tasty dishes from the comfort of your home, Clan 7™ is available for delivery on Oddle, GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo! Hurry down for a taste of scrumptious modern Chinese cuisine today!

Address: 151 Lorong Chuan, NTP+, #01-11, New Tech Park, 556741

Operating hours

11:30 a.m – 10 p.m. (Mon to Fri) 

10 a.m – 10 p.m. (Sat to Sun)

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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