Châteraisé Is Offering 9 NEW Delightful Christmas Cakes This Year, All Directly Imported From Japan

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s the most wonderful time of the year to indulge. If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas treat to enjoy at home or bring to a house party, we’ve got just the thing! Châteraisé’s 2021 Collection is here and they’re offering nine (9) new delicious cakes. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice so check them out below!


Châteraisé Now Offers 9 NEW Christmas Cakes That Are Bold In Flavour

From vanilla to chocolate, pistachio to chestnut flavours – and even a low-carb option – there is something for everyone! These cakes are also specially imported from Japan so you can bet that it’ll be a crowd-pleaser. Come discover these cakes with us and pick your favourite!

Xmas Hasty Santa Claus Cake (S$58)

This Xmas Hasty Santa Claus Cake is priced at S$58 and you can enjoy the best of two worlds because it is a half-and-half of strawberry shortcake and chocolate sponge cake. Topped off with super adorable frostings of reindeer, snowman as well as Santa Claus! How cute!

Xmas Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc Cake (S$58)

This beautiful cake with elegant swirls of chestnut cream frosting is their Xmas Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc Cake that’s priced at S$58. It is made with high-grade chestnuts from Ibaraki Prefecture. Nut lovers must get this cake because the nutty flavours will surely impress you!

Xmas Pistachio Rouge (S$62)

The Xmas Pistachio Rouge (S$62) is a gorgeous contrast of festive colours green and red. This cocoa sponge cake comes with chocolate cream, raspberry sauce, strawberry raspberry cassis jelly, pistachio cream, and chocolate soufflé. Yum!

Premium Minoir Chocolate (S$60)

Calling all chocolate lovers! You must get the Premium Minoir Chocolate (S$60) that’s super decadent, all thanks to the sweet chocolate mousse, milk chocolate almond crunch and cocoa sponge with almond. This cake screams decadence in a bite and we know you’ll love it!


There Are Petite Cake Options Too

If you’re looking for a tiny treat, then their petite cakes are just for you! The Happy Santa Claus “Fresh Cream” (S$15) (pictured above) is a classic combination of fresh cream and vanilla sponge. And, there’s also the Happy Santa Claus “Chocolate Fresh Cream” (S$15) (pictured below) for those who love chocolate!


Snow Santa Claus (S$6.80)

A good option for kids would be the Snow Santa Claus that looks super cute! Cheekily presented in the shape of Santa’s moustache, this red ball is made of strawberry nappage, which hides strawberry condensed milk and dry strawberries as well as strawberries with powder. This delightful treat sits on almond cookie crunch plus a layer of chocolate with white and dark cereals! Yum!

Xmas Low Carb Chocolate Cake (S$52)


For those who are watching their caloric intake this Christmas, go for the Xmas Low Carb Chocolate Cake that’s priced at S$52. This delectable cake is made with cocoa powder, low-carb chocolate cream as well as cocoa sponge, chocolate cream and chocolate with soybean puff. Although it is low-carb, it surely won’t be low on flavours!

Xmas Hokkaido Fresh Cream White Farm Cake (S$40)

Last but not the least – this Xmas Hokkaido Fresh Cream White Farm Cake will surely taste as good as it looks. This dome-shaped offering comes with Hokkaido milk pudding, white chocolate mousse, vanilla sponge and strawberry with strawberry powder. It also comes in two (2) sizes: 12cm (pictured above) and 18cm (pictured below). Don’t miss out on this one because it’ll surely win you over!

Don’t Miss Out On Their Bestsellers

While you’re getting Christmas treats at Châteraisé, don’t miss out on their bestsellers which include the Buche de Noel (S$48) (pictured above; left), Noel Blanc (S$48) (pictured below; right), and Xmas Crispy Chocolate Cake (S$52) (below)

Celebrate This Christmas With Festive Treats From Châteraisé

The Châteraisé’s Christmas 2021 Collection will be available all-month long from 1st December 2021 onwards at all stores islandwide. What are you waiting for? Drop by the nearest outlet to you and treat yourself to some delicious Christmas offerings today! Bye for now!


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