Cadbury’s Limited-Edition Durian Chocolate Bar Is Available At FairPrice For $2.50


  • Cadbury’s Durian Chocolate Bar is available for a limited time only.
  • Available at selected stores of NTUC FairPrice.
  • Priced at $2.50

Without a doubt, there are many different types of ingredients that go well really with chocolates. Many chocolate brands including Cadbury, have been innovative by creating new chocolate bars. Chocolate bars with cookies and cream? You got it. Chocolate bars with pineapple tarts? You got it. How about chocolate bars with the King of Fruits? Well, you got it, too.

Cadbury’s Limited-Edition Durian Chocolate Bar

Photo: @cadbury_my (Instagram)

Back in 2019, Cadbury celebrated flavours of Malaysia by introducing a flavour of its highest fruit export. By using durian as an ingredient of its chocolate bar, the new concoction took the Internet by storm. After all, most of us are always excited when it is durian season. Now, this special flavour is back on the shelves for a limited time only at NTUC FairPrice.

Photo: @juneabduljamil (Instagram)

Strategically priced at $2.50, this local flavour is a must-try for both durian and chocolate lovers. With a bronze durian printed alongside the word “durian” in bold on its packaging, it is surely hard to miss. Netizens who had tried this chocolate bar mentioned that it has a good balance between the taste of chocolate and durian. In addition to this, it has a little crunch that elevates the entire experience.

Available In NTUC FairPrice For $2.50

Photo: @juneabduljamil (Instagram)

If you’re sad that durian season has come to an end, this is probably a good method for you to savour durian. Craving for it? Head down to selected NTUC FairPrice to get your hands on these chocolate bars. While you’re at it, check out other creations by Cadbury, too! What are your favourite toppings for chocolate bars? Let us know in the comments!

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