Burger King Releases NEW Sour Cream & Onion Treats & SJORA Mango Peach Ice Cream, Including The Return Of Their Kaya Pandan Pie!

When life turns sour, make it a meal! Burger King has recently launched their all-new Sour Cream & Onion treats, featuring Burgers, Fries, Hashbrowns, and Nuggets. What’s even better? Sweeten your tastebuds with the return of their Kaya Pandan Pie and pair your meal with their new SJORA Mango Peach Ice Cream Float! 


Burger King Releases New Sour Cream & Onion Treats

For a limited time only, Burger King is introducing a unique twist to their menu, transforming a beloved potato chip flavour into a super shiok sauce to pair with their popular menu items.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The sour cream & onion sauce boasts a delightful tanginess and creamy texture, complemented by a subtle kick of sour cream that hits your taste buds without becoming jelak. 

1. Sour Cream Long Chicken Burger

Image: Singapore Foodie

This flavour-packed delight combines the crispy chicken patty with the zing of their sour cream & onion sauce. The addition of the hashbrowns gives an extra bite of crispiness and fluffiness. Available in a la carte ($7.45) or a Value Meal ($8.95), served with fries and SJORA Mango Peach.

 2. Sour Cream Long Beef Burger

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Fancy beef? Also served a la carte ($7.45) and in a Value Meal ($8.95), the sour cream & onion sauce complements the beef well, elevating its flavour while the hashbrown gives a layer of savouriness. 

More Must-Try New Menu Items!

3. Sour Cream & Onion Fries ($2.95)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Adding a tangy twist to their OG french fries, the combination of the creamy sour cream & onion sauce and crispy fries zhng up your typical french fries experience. 


4. Round Hashbrown with Sour Cream & Onion Dip ($2.95)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Instead of the usual tater tots, Burger King has spun their hashbrowns right round. Served with four hashbrowns per box, dip till you drop with the sour cream & onion dip, offering a contrast to the crunchy exterior of the hashbrowns.

5. Nuggets with Sour Cream & Onion Dip (6pcs for $2.95)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, Burger King’s classic nuggets are paired with the delightful notes of the sour cream & onion dip.

6. Kaya Pandan Pie ($2.50)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

End off your meal on a sweet note with the return of their Kaya Pandan Pie – crispy and flaky pastry with a local yet unique kaya-pandan filling for the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. 


7. SJORA Mango Peach Treats

Image: Singapore Foodie

Offering a refreshing blend of tropical fruit flavours, the SJORA Mango Peach is offered in the following:

  • SJORA Mango Peach Cone ($1.50)
  • SJORA Mango Peach with Chocolate Drizzle ($2.50)
  • SJORA Mango Peach Float ($3.95)
  • SJORA Mango Peach Sprite Float ($3.20)

The mango component contributes a sweet and slightly sour taste while the peach gives a slight tartness to the beverage. With the additional ingredients in the various items, they add different and unique dimensions of flavours.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Hurry And Try Them All While Stocks Last!

Whether you’re a fan of sour cream & onion flavours or enjoy all things tangy, Burger King’s new Sour Cream & Onion treats will confirm plus chop hit the spot. Available for a limited time only, hurry down to your nearest Burger King outlet and try them all today! 

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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