BREAKING: Strawberry Coca-Cola Now Available At 7-Eleven S’pore!

Try The Limited Edition Flavour While Stocks Last!

With the recent release of Orange Vanilla Coke, and now this latest addition to the collection of flavours, get ready to offer your guests something different this CNY! On 23 Jan, 7-Eleven Singapore announced the release of the latest Limited Edition Coca-Cola flavour – Strawberry!


Coca-Cola’s All-New Strawberry Flavour Is A Must-Try!

Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore (Facebook)

Hailing all the way from Japan, this limited edition Strawberry Coke will be available in 7-Eleven stores islandwide in the following days. With its vibrant pink exterior, the new flavour is surely eye-catching. But don’t fret – despite the flavour, the drink retains its signature black hue we’re familiar with!

Photo: texasranked (Instagram)

Retailing for $2.50 a bottle, the price point is a little steeper than a bottle of normal Coke. However, the unique flavour can’t be found anywhere else in Singapore, and is worth a try! Rumour has it that it tastes similar to Cherry Coke, with a delicious aroma of Strawberry candy. You have to try it yourself to see if the rumours are true! ?

Strawberry Coke Is Now Available At 7-Eleven Singapore!

What do you think about the new flavour? While normal Coca-Cola is sufficiently tasty, variations to the popular soft drink are always welcome. Given the limited nature of the flavour, it’s only a matter of time before it’s completely gone from the shelves – so hurry down to give it a try!

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