8 Unique Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival: Bak Kwa, Bubble Tea, Roast Duck Mooncakes & More

Unique Or Weird?

Mid-Autumn Festival, or more affectionately, Mooncake Festival, falls on 13 September 2019 this year. During this time, families will eat mooncakes to celebrate this annual festival. However, as the significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival gradually fades into the background, mooncakes begin taking on a more contemporary form. From traditionally-baked mooncakes to snowskin ones, many are also becoming more adventurous with flavours. Here are 8 Unique Mooncakes available this year that certainly turn heads!

8 Unique Mooncakes To Look Out For This Mid-Autumn Festival

1. Bak Kwa Mooncake

unique mooncakes
Photo: Takashimaya

Bak Kwa is savoury, while mooncake, traditionally with lotus or red bean paste, is a sweet pastry. So how do these two worlds collide? It has been surprisingly popular in the last few years, and several mooncake-makers have created their own version of Bak Kwa mooncakes. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has a Chicken Bak Kwa Baked Mooncakes with Assorted Nuts. Old-style bakery, Old Seng Choong, also makes a Red Lotus Paste with Bak Kwa mooncake. Of course, don’t forget Bee Cheng Hiang, one of Singapore’s most beloved Bak Kwa stores and their Signature Bak Kwa Mooncake!

2. Popcorn-Flavoured Mooncake

Photo: @capitolkempinski (Instagram)

Capitol Theatre was the in-thing back in the day, so it’s only appropriate that its namesake hotel made popcorn-inspired snacks! Introducing The Capitol Kempinski’s Golden Corn mooncakes created by Hong Kong celebrity ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung. Who said popcorn is only meant to be eaten when watching movies? These mini mooncakes are sold in a Mini Theatre Combo ($68 for 8) together with Caramel Mixed Nuts mooncake inspired by Kacang Puteh.

3. Acai Berry Truffle Mooncake

unique mooncakes
Photo: Takashimaya

Are you a fan of Acai bowls? Well then you will love this mooncake! Acai is the top superfood and is known for being great for your health and immune system! This mooncake is filled with Acai and Cassis berries, so that you can celebrate Mid-Autumn without the usual sugar-filled mooncakes! Do you know a friend or family member who is a health junkie? This is also the perfect gift for them! This Grand Hyatt creation is going for $10 each, or $78 for 8 pieces.

4. Irvin’s Salted Egg Mooncake


Singaporeans’ favourite Salted Egg snack brand, Irvin’s is joining in on the mooncake journey! These snowskin mooncakes come in 2 flavours: Silky Yam and Mung Bean paste. Unlike traditional mooncakes with a solid salted egg centre, these will ooze out melted salted egg yolk! These Irvin’s Salted Egg Lava Mooncakes go for $40 for 8 pieces and are sold at selected Irvin’s outlets.

5. Bubble Tea Mooncake

unique mooncakes
Photo: @changhosek (Instagram)

Bubble tea has somehow become even more popular than it already was. Local mooncake bakery, Chang Ho Sek, has created the ultimate mooncake! Their snowskin mooncakes come in two bubble tea flavours: Milk Tea with Pearls and Matcha Green Tea with Pearls. You’ll almost mistake yourself for buying actual bubble tea! These are available for preorder only.

Order here:

6. Roast Duck Mooncake

unique mooncakes
Photo: Kam’s Roast

Could savoury mooncakes be the new hit thing? Following the Bak Kwa mooncakes (see #1), famous Michelin-star roast duck restaurant, Kam’s Roast, have their own roast duck mooncake! Guaranteed with no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring, so you can eat with a peace of mind! Their Five Nuts with Roast Duck mooncake features a sesame paste with an assortment of quality nuts and their famous roast duck. You preorder them at all Kam’s Roast outlets at Pacific Plaza and Jewel Changi Airport.

Promotion: 25% early bird discount when you purchase them in the month of August. (U.P. $68+ for 4 pcs)

7. Oreo Mooncake

Photo: Fair Price

These are probably the most affordable mooncakes you will be able to find! Fellow millennials will appreciate Oreo cookies as a childhood favourite. These Oreo mooncakes were first spotted around the Mid-Autumn period last year, and they’re back for another round! A box of all four flavours are available at Fairprice for just $22.50! Each box will include a Brownie Chocolate, Double Chocolate with Milk, Strawberry Jam, and Cappuccino. Oreo lovers are sure to love it!

8. Truffle Carbonara Mooncake

unique mooncakes
Photo: Regent Singapore

It’s as confusing as it sounds. This year, Regent Singapore hotel has entrusted an Italian restaurant, Basilico, to concoct a fusion mooncake. Pasta-flavoured mooncake, anyone? No? Well, it’s certainly not as bad as it sounds. It’s made with a truffle-infused cream cheese filling that is not too sweet! The snowskin is gorgeous, as it mirror the black of the truffle and yellow of the cheese. Each mooncake will also have its own distinct swirl of colours. This may just take the cake for most unique mooncake!

Order here:

8 Unique Mooncakes To Look Out For This Mid-Autumn Festival

These unique mooncakes are definitely not for the traditionalists. However, if you’re adventurous enough, you may really enjoy some of these! If you know anyone who likes contemporary and different things, these can also serve as really great gifts this Mid-Autumn Festival! Mooncakes are known to be pretty pricey for what you get, but you can often get them at a discount at mooncake fairs or by pre-ordering online. There are also plenty of card discounts that you can use if you’re a cardholder and early-bird discounts – keep an eye out! Have a great Mid-Autumn Festival!

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