NEW: Frozen Coke In A Squeezable Pouch at 7-Eleven S’pore This 16th August

There’s nothing like a good old fashion Frozen Coke to quench your thirst. It is one of the best methods to combat Singapore’s heat. We are to happy to let you know that Frozen Coke In A Squeezable Pouch Is Coming To 7-Eleven S’pore On 16th August. It is one of the most highly-anticipated products that we have been waiting for!

Frozen Coke In A Squeezable Pouch

Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore (Facebook)

7-Eleven Singapore’s Facebook page teased us with a post. A packaging that resembles a squeezable pouch takes centre stage with ice cubes at the bottom of the poster. Immediately, many netizens are able to identify the product as it has been available in Japan since 2018. It is said to be super good as it took as long as eight years in developing this frozen beverage.

Photo: @sol_lucian (Instagram)

After eight years of creating this product, the outcome is a smooth sherbet-like texture. On top of it, it is not going to be pure Coca-Cola as the beverage is combined with lemon! It is going to be easy drinking it out of a squeezable pouch. You can forget about getting your hands sticky while enjoying it. Not to mention, it is resealable. Enjoy it slowly, fam.

Available On 16th August onwards

Photo: @beentm_salon (Instagram)

According to 7-Eleven Singapore’s Facebook page, this product will be launched on 16th August. However, we are not sure if it will be available in all stores islandwide, or only in participating outlets. Not to worry, we will keep you updated! According to Money Digest, the price of the beverage is approximately $1.50. Are you excited to try this out? See you on the next post!

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  • 7-Eleven teased via Facebook post about Frozen Coke In A Squeezable Pouch.
  • It will be available from 16th August 2019 onwards.
  • Priced at $1.50 per beverage.

Cover Photo: @beentm_salon (Instagram) and @sol_lucian (Instagram)

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