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$5 For Drumstick, Fries & Drinks At 4Fingers In Plaza Singapura & Tiong Bahru Plaza

Hello, friends! Here is a trick question, how many fried chicken can you eat per day? We think that the number is infinite. If you’re craving for fried chicken during the weekdays, you’re reading the right article. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken has just dropped a marvelous deal that we can’t say no to. $5 For Drumstick, Fries & Drinks At 4Fingers In Plaza Singapura & Tiong Bahru Plaza.

$5 For Drumstick, Fries & Drinks At 4Fingers

Photo: 4Fingers Fried Chicken (Facebook)

There is something about 4Fingers that sweeps us off our feet! It’s crunchy and flavourful. Its fried chicken is everything that we love about it! So, when we have heard about this deal – we got really excited! Recently posted on its Facebook page, 4Fingers is having a promotion at both Plaza Singapura and Tiong Bahru Plaza. It is a little unfortunate that the promotions are only available in two outlets.

Photo: 4Fingers Fried Chicken (Facebook)

For only $5, you can get yourself two wings or a drumstick, small size of fries and beverage. This super good promotion happening from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays! Of course, it is not applicable during the eve and during public holidays. That’s all you need to know, now you can head over to Plaza Singapura or Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Only At Plaza Singapura & Tiong Bahru Plaza

Photo: 4Fingers Fried Chicken (Facebook)

So, are you a big fan of 4Fingers, or fried chicken in general? We are on the hunt to find the best fried chicken that Singapore has to offer. If you know any, please do drop us a comment so that we can check them out! By the way, we are not sure how long this promotion is going to last – so, be sure to check it out as soon as possible to enjoy it!

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$5 For Drumstick, Fries & Drinks At 4Fingers

Location: Plaza Singapura & Tiong Bahru Plaza

Day(s): Monday to Friday, except eve / public holidays

Time: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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